Kunnpa.com: Blog Kunnpa.com: Blog http://www.kunnpa.com/blog/ Copyright by Kunnpa.com en Kunnpa.com Wed, 15 Aug 2018 08:51:30 -0400 How to Obtain debt consolidation loan when your credit score is bad? When your debt flow is out of your control, you need to think of ways of how you can manage it. When people suffer from debt situation for more than their monthly income, they often opt for a debt consolidation loan plan. Through this plan, you will be able to pay your debt in a single payment. What you have to do is consolidate the debt amount together in one single payment source then apply for a loan at the lower interest rate and then pay it off. Now you will have to pay amount only for single debt rather than for multiple debts. Many people have found relief in this plan, and they have reduced their debt amount to zero in over the period of time.

Sometimes people due to the heavy load of debt, unable to pay the payment on time or might pay less than the intended amount. This missing payment got reflected in the history of credit score, and one miss might make the credit go bad. Once the person has a bad rating on its account, then they are unable to get a debt consolidation loan at a reasonable interest rate.

Many lenders are willing to offer debt consolidation loan to the people who have a history of bad credit. People should enquire for all details related to debt consolidation loan as if people start applying for loan quite often then their credit report might also get affected. Debt consolidation loan plans have helped a lot of people in need of money. This method helps in settling the unsecured debts quickly and cheaply. It is recommended for all who are in debt, before applying for consolidated debt loan try comparing all the debt relief solution and the one that you find best, go for that one.

Resolving debt matters in affordable consolidated payments

Debt consolidation plans to take out old debts, repay them and start a new one with lower interest charges. Mainly, the interest rate in consolidation loan plans is lesser than the other loan type. However, the lower rate of interest is for people with high and good credits whereas people with bad credit if apply for consolidation loan then they may get it at a higher rate. The percentage of the hike is 10% to 18%. It’s a common practice for many people where they make less payment for credit card and their credit card debt increases every month. With this scenario and the debt consolidation loan, sometimes it becomes unmanageable for people, and so, they start missing their payment. And hence, they affect their credit score to a great level. So, such persons get blacklisted and hence never be able to opt for borrowing.

It is advisable that before applying for the loan, one should prepare its budget. There are several ways by which can calculate the amount to be paid per month for loan and whether they will able to handle it. If the budget and consolidation loan plan do not play hand in hand, then start looking for other ways like debt management plan or consumer plan where through mutual settlement, an appropriate amount is to be paid to the creditor. For more information related to debt and debt consolidation loan matters, please visit website https://www.nationaldebtrelief.com/debt-consolidation/.

High and Low ends of debt consolidation loan

So far, it is concluded that even bad credit applicant is eligible to get a loan but with considerations. The loan scenario works out through collateral security in the subject. The secured loan consolidation offers a lower interest rate, and it is in the line of equity loans like a home loan or car loan. The other unsecured loan consolidation offers the interest rate at a high level, and thus the total monthly payment may be high enough to be paid. The larger value of consolidation amount, the more challenge it will be to be paid. If a person with bad credit gets a loan amount total above two lakhs, then there is a risk involved whether he will be able to pay the amount successfully. 

Mapping the debt consolidation through debt management ways

You have gotten yourself bad credit score in over past few years so if you are thinking of debt consolidation plan then go through debt management plan and then go for a loan. Many non-profit agencies provide counseling over the matters of debt and how to handle them. The expert counselors try settling for you and your creditor and try proposing solutions where they can agree upon interest-free payment or with a reduced interest payment. This way might help you and you could able to afford paying your creditor the debt amount. Well, the negotiation will not eliminate the payment. You still require paying the amount. A time period may be settled under which the whole debt amount will go to paid entirely. This plan helps in getting relief from the interest rate.

There is always a risk in the management plan that it is not necessary that all the creditors might agree with the plan. They may not agree with the combined mutual solution. So, the ultimate solution will be to pay the creditors outside and in full. The debt management plan and debt consolidation loan plan only work together and effective when people have the consolidated loan of credit card bills, medical bills, etc. If you are dealing with some other kind of debt like income tax etc. then debt management plan might not be that helpful, and you may require some other's help. Otherwise, for bad credit fellas, this is the best way where they can settle a big portion of their debt without any other hassle. So, it works fine with secured debt consolidation and doesn’t work at all with unsecured debt consolidation form


A person should never stop looking for options and should go for the right approach for settling debt only when they are satisfied with the way, and there is no other consequence.

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5 Guidelines on choosing the best Strata management company for your properties According to en.wikipedia.org, strata management is the same as corporate management. It is difficult to go around shopping for a good corporate management company that will handle the smooth running of your properties. The reason behind this challenge is because there are very many companies offering the same services. However, in any interview, there is that one person who will be employed. Choosing a successful strata company can sometimes a headache because of the roles they play in managing your properties. You need to have someone who will offer their assistance during times of need and emergencies. Some managers will also offer proper management of your funds. Therefore, you need a lot of trust. As you go around shopping for a strata company, ensure that you consider the tips below:

  1. Cost

Property management is a business that entails a lot. As you hire the company’s services, you need to know how much they charge. Can you afford to pay comfortably? Also get to understand the mode of payment. Some companies allow payment in monthly instalments. However, remember that you can't pay more money than the value of your property. That is unrealistic. Always choose a firm that is charging reasonable prices for quality services. Always have a budget and know how much you are willing to spend on the company's services.  

  1. Qualifications

Always ensure that you know the qualifications of the company that you want to offer your property to. If possible, get to interview the person who will be handling your property. You shouldn't allow a company to just give you anyone to manage your property. Have a professional and qualified person to ensure accountability and professionalism. These personal qualifications can help you know their strengths and weaknesses.

  1. Experience

It’s easy to know how long a company has been around. Just ask when they started their operations. Experience will clear your doubts. The longer a company has been around, the more knowledge they have in handling challenges arising from property management. Property management is not as easy as many might think. A strata management company needs to have enough know-how on managing properties. At some point, you might need them to be mediators between you and your tenants.

  1. Location

The geographical location of the company matters a lot. This is due to the nature and occurrence of emergencies. What happens when there is an emergency but the company is miles away? Get your property a body corporate manager in the Sunshine Coast.  Insist on getting a company in the same locality as your property. This will ensure smooth management.

  1. Reference and client list

It's good to take advise from your friends and relatives. They might have testimonies that will enable you to choose the correct company. A friend might prefer a company because they have had previous successful encounters with it. As you get this references, it's also healthy to check out the company's portfolio. From there, you will know whether or not to use their services.

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Some Important Facts to Keep in Mind to Avoid Credit Card Fraud Everybody finds it convenient to use a credit card for everyday purchases but this could prove to be slightly risky. Most consumers are worried about retail data breaches. Over 69 percent of the people have admitted that occasionally or frequently they are under tremendous stress because they are afraid of getting hacked. The best way of tackling the issue of credit card fraud is by getting well-informed about the issue. Sound knowledge about any situation would help you in conquering the fear. Here are some of the important facts that you must know for keeping your credit card safe and also, your mind tension-free.

Credit Cards Are Definitely a Safe Option for Paying

Credit cards actually offer an array of safeguards; as a result, they become one of the best and safest ways of paying for products and services. Today, thanks to the technological advancement and also, the ever-evolving smart encryption stratagem, it has become really tough for crooks to even think of accessing your credit card related data. However, federal law imposes stringent restrictions on customer liability for fraudulent transactions. A stolen or lost credit card would not mean a real loss of any funds. Moreover, despite what media wants us to believe, the fact remains that credit card fraud cases are not so common. As per studies, the global fraud cases are at almost historic lows. Moreover, even in the event of an extensive data breach, only about 2 percent to 5 percent of credit card data accumulated would be utilized in fraudulent dealings. It is quite improbable that any of your credit card data and information could get compromised. Moreover, the chances of you getting victimized by fraud seem to be quite remote.

You Are Not Liable for Fraudulent Charges

As per the Fair Credit Billing Act, consumers are deemed responsible for paying up to and not more than $50 if the fraud safeguards in place fail and unauthorized transactions are reflected in their accounts. That said, studies reveal that all major credit card issuers have zero liability policies in place, meaning you won't have to shell out any money if a fraudulent purchase occurs. It is true that undoing the work of a white collar criminal is a rough experience, but after it is all over, you will not have spent a cent of your own money.

Take Proactive Security Measures

There are plenty of safeguards put in place by the card issuing authorities and government agencies but there are things you as a consumer can do to ensure that you are safe. You should definitely keep tabs on your online debit and credit card accounts from time to time so that you can detect and report suspicious activity not long after it emerges. Keep your credit card with yourself at all times and do not lend it to friends or even family unless you are extremely sure. You can set up transaction alerts to be notified whenever a transaction takes place via text and email so that you can pick up signs as early as possible. In David's post, he has discussed yet another type of credit card fraudulent practice. He talks about fraud credit card Company and advises his readers to choose credit cards from renowned, reliable, and transparent companies only.                   

Your Transactions Would Be Under Scrutiny with Every Swipe

In case you are not aware of it, the fact is that each and every transaction you make with your credit card is under strict surveillance. Strict monitoring or scrutiny is done to identify any fraud or determine any chances of fraud taking place. According to the authorities, every time a credit card is used by the customer, they would be analyzing as many as 500 diverse points for determining if the specific purchase is authentic or a suspicious one. This would be involving a meticulous examination of practically everything right from geographic parameters to your transaction history and all this would be happening in just milliseconds.

EMV Is an Integral Part of the Security Arrangements

EMV credit cards are bound to become the norm particularly, in the U.S.A. These smart cards are a great way of combating any frauds. EMV credit cards would be safeguarding you against the counterfeit fraud. This kind of fraud would be taking place when hackers are able to break and skim data relating to your credit card from retailers’ terminals. EMV may not be the last word in credit card security but they are a positive step forward toward a more fortified credit card security.

It Is Best to Be More Cautious with Particular Types of Transactions

In the case of counterfeit fraud, the fraudsters are able to collect vital credit card information of consumers simply by installing smart skimming devices at payment terminals that are not secured or are left unattended. You must be extra cautious while making payments using your credit card in the absence of any store clerk. ATMs and gas pumps are the weak links that are exploited by fraudsters. Moreover, be extra vigilant at ATMs and Gas Stations. Your alertness could go a long way in avoiding any hacks to your credit card data. Beware of fraudsters! 

It goes a long way towards your data security if you are a little alert while making payments at the payment terminal in the petrol pump or your ATM. Simply see if you find anything unusual and never insert your card if you find a plastic piece installed at the terminal. Inform your bank employees or the gas station staff.

Online Payments Using Credit Cards Are Safe But Always Be Alert

Online transactions are becoming safer by the day. There has been a definite technological leap and thanks to the cutting-edge protective measures, the credit card data is safeguarded while it passes right through the e-commerce payment channels. Tokenization has contributed a lot toward data security and safety. Tokenization would be substituting your credit card number with a unique number that cannot be accessed by the crooks. Tokenization would not only be limiting exposure, it would also, include serious identification features like a photo of your face or your fingertip as opposed to your pin number. 


You need to be really smart in all your transactions online. You must be very careful while giving out credit card related information online. You must consider shopping with only renowned and reliable sites and make sure that the site is actually safe and secure before you insert any details.

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Keep It Safe and Secure: 5 Physical Security Tips for Small Business Establishments

If you think that physical security procedures are only for large business establishments, think again! Small businesses also need to create a security plan to protect and secure its physical assets from outside intruders and their employees. It’s also a must to keep the workers inside the business establishment safe.

If you want to make your small business establishment safe and secure, you should begin by doing an assessment of the area and what security procedures you should put in place. For a little help, here are some tips to keep your small business establishment safe and secure.

Set Up a Security Cameras

Since the advent of closed-circuit television cameras, keeping video records of the movements around your business establishment will now be more convenient and high-tech.

CCTV cameras are an effective deterrent to theft and other criminal activities. For instance, If thieves will notice that there are cameras installed in the area, they’ll surely hesitate of doing their evil intentions.

Also, if there’s theft that has just occurred in the business establishment, it won’t be difficult for you to catch the perpetrator since you have video footage of the incident. Nowadays, security firms offer a third-party security monitoring for business establishments. These firms provide their client with high-tech CCTV cameras to keep your business secure.

Install Security and Emergency Alarms

Installing a security and emergency alarm system is not that expensive if you’re serious about protecting and securing your physical business assets. There are security companies that will provide you with the hardware for a price that won’t hurt your budget.

An alarm system is crucial so that you’ll know if there are security and emergency incidents that will happen in and around your business establishment. A reliable, round-the-clock alarm system will also help law enforcement officials to respond immediately in case of unfortunate events.

Control Physical Access

In any business building, controlling physical access to essential areas in the establishment is a must. You should set a procedure that will keep track of the people coming in and out of these important areas. Make sure that only trusted people in the company are allowed to hold keys.

It’s also necessary that you keep valuable and confidential documents secured in an area that can only be accessed by people who will use them. You must provide cutting-edge security locks and keys to protect and secure essential items of your business. You can inquire in locksmith companies like LocksmithMAN for that purpose.

Establish a Communication System

For you to adequately respond to security and emergency situations, you should see to it that a communication system is put in place. You should also create a security procedure that will enable the staff and workers in the business establishment handle such situations. 

For your communication devices, you should include an alarm, telephone system, and intercom that will allow the people in the building to communicate with others. A first-aid kit is also a must to have to treat injuries that typically comes in these security and emergency instances.

Keep Track of Physical Business Assets

It’s crucial that you keep count of the physical assets and maintain inventory audits regularly. You can do it once a month or once a week. If there’s loss of items due to theft, you should address right after what makes the physical security in the establishment so vulnerable.

Keeping track of your physical business assets can help you find ways on how to keep them safe and secure.


If you’re running a small business establishment, you should make sure that you protect and secure your physical assets. See to it that you install security cameras, alarms, and reliable communication system. It’s also a must to control access to essential areas in the building and keep track of physical business assets.

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The 3 C’s of an Effective Business Slogan OUTLINE

  1. Introduction
  2. What is a Business Slogan?
  3. 3 C’s of Effective Business Slogans
  4. Connect
  5. Communicate
  6. Convert
  7. Conclusion

Choosing a good company name and business slogan are key decisions entrepreneurs and business owners must make, whether they operate in Nicaragua or Nigeria. Sadly, many make a mess of this all important business decision.

With so many brands scrambling for customer attention, a good business slogan can easily set you apart from the competition.

Research shows that average human attention span is merely 8s, same as a Goldfish. This means many prospects won't see the end of your 45s TV commercial or remember much of it.

Similarly, reports show that 40% of visitors will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Can such visitors grab your business name, site title, tagline or slogan before bouncing back to Google increasing your site’s negative user signals?

For visually challenged customers your company name and business slogan are some of the key things they may memorize about your company. So you need to learn how to generate good business slogans.

Smart companies and businesses boost brand recall with catchy slogans either for advertising or as tagline. In this article I share 3 intrinsic qualities of  effective business slogans with examples, so you can better choose your slogans or taglines henceforth, but first

What is a Business Slogan?

I define a business slogan as a catchphrase or short sentence that can aptly summarize, capture or communicate a brand’s core value proposition to prospects in a way that it sticks like glue.

Following are

3 C’s of Good Business Slogans

Using Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) as an example.

Source: Wikipedia

Name:  Kentucky Fried Chicken

Slogan: Finger Lickin’ Good

A good business slogan (in combination with or exception of business name and logo) does the following:

  1. Connect

A good business slogan connects with customer need(s). It identifies, emphasizes, highlights, and in most cases magnifies customer need(s).


John is famished, new in Detroit, and new to KFC whose outlet is just across the street. The “Fried Chicken” in KFC appeals to his need. He imagines chips and other delicacies to go with it.

Suddenly he spots another restaurant “Amazing Fried Chicken.” Now he's comparing KFC with AFC which unfortunately has no (visible) slogan.

  1. Communicate

Next, a good business slogan will communicate at least one benefit or solution to customer need(s) highlighted in #1 above.


John then spots one of KFC’s popular slogans “Finger Lickin’ Good.” He imagines himself lickin’ his fingers after eating chicken wings and thinking they sure must be that “Good.”

KFC has communicated, that they don't just satisfy hunger but do so in style.

  1. Convert

Lastly, a good business slogan having identified need, and marketed benefit(s) will incorporate a call to action encouraging prospects, overtly or subtly to buy such communicated benefit(s).


If KFC’s “Fried Chicken” is so good it promises to transform him into a finger lickin’ customer then…

Your guess is probably as good as mine.


Good business slogans incorporate one or more of these elements. The “perfect” business slogan masterfully incorporates all three.

Remember, a solid business slogan

  • Connects
  • Communicates, and
  • Converts

Author Bio

Amos Onwukwe is an AWAI trained Business and Ecommerce B2B/B2C Copywriter featured in eCommerce Insights, Ecommerce Nation, Understanding Ecommerce, SmallBizClub, SmallBusinessBonfire, Successful Startup 101, Dumb Little Man, Huffington Post, Floship, Result First, The Next Scoop, SABTrends, BusinessTips.Ph to mention a few.

Twitter: @amos_onwukwe

He is available for hire

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Four Ways the Right Bank Can Boost Your Business There are a lot of things you probably already know about banking services. They provide checking accounts, debit cards, and you probably even know that you can purchase a safety deposit box. However, what the bank has to offer, especially business owners, doesn’t stop there.

If you own your own business, there are a few services you may not be taking advantage of fully. Here are four ways a good bank can boost your business.

Payment Services

Making payments can suck up a lot of your time. From paying employees to loan payments and sending money to third party vendors overseas, managing these payments is like a full-time job!

Instead of taking precious time out of your day to make important payments, and running the risk of forgetting to make them on time, automate your payments with your bank. You can even automate the amount of money that gets diverted to other accounts each month.

Align Your Banking and Tax Goals

You probably take your tax situation seriously. You probably also try and keep as much money out of your bank accounts as you can to minimize your tax burden. Although this can be a good strategy, it’s likely to crash and burn if you don’t involve your bank in your tax plans.

Bankers will look at your tax return to determine whether or not they will extend your business a line of credit. That can leave you without the funds you need, even if you can technically pay back the loan.

A good bank will work with you and your tax accountant so that everything works together seamlessly. That way you get the cash you need without paying outrageous taxes.

Find Ways to Save Money

As a business owner, you’re always looking for ways to save money. But, it can take precious time out of your day. You probably won’t find all the ways you can save money on your own either.

A bank can help. You can save by:

  • Maintaining a minimum account balance
  • Linking your bank accounts
  • Knowing your transaction and deposit limits

A good bank can take you beyond the basics and find more ways for you to save. They can help you bundle different banking features and help you sign up for cards and lines of credit that provide your business with benefits.

Business Connections

No matter what your business, it is extremely important to make and maintain business connections. Your banker is one of the best connections you have because they work with other business professionals in the area!

The next time you're looking for a marketing agency or a new accountant, ask your banker. They may even be able to help you with sales prospects by providing you with a warm introduction.

If you own your own business, you need your bank to do more than just keep track of your checking account. When you find the right bank, they will be able to provide you with services, like the ones on this list, that will help you achieve success.

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Meeting Madness—How to Avoid Common Meeting Mistakes

The lights are dimmed, and you are just about to nod off. At this point, you have been waiting half an hour and you are just plain tired. As you quietly slumber, you are consciously aware of not snoring through one of the most important events you have had to attend at work—another office meeting. However, as your supervisor bleats on about the importance of customer service, you are in full REM.

Regardless of the import, many have found themselves in the same dilemma of having to attend a meeting where important information is disseminated but also being trapped in a tug-o-war with sleep to keep their attention. Most meetings become long, protracted ordeals where too much information and not enough planning go into the event. Much of the tedium behind insufferable meetings can be addressed very simply, though, by avoiding some of the most common mistakes.

Keep reading for more information as to how to avoid some of the most common meeting mistakes.


Getting the when, where, who and how of a meeting correct is fundamental to pulling in your audience. If your employees or co-workers have to wait outside the room while you fumble to get on your cell phone to call someone to unlock the room, you are going to face a room of slightly annoyed people. Furthermore, you are now a number of minutes late to a meeting you organised. Even worse, the impression you have made on them reflects that you have not prepared.

To avoid this pitfall, arrive at least thirty minutes to an hour early to make sure the room is set up and open. Better yet, have the professionals at Servcorp organise your meetings. Servcorp meeting rooms come equipped with the latest technology, including video conferencing, and when scheduling a meeting, all you pretty much have to do is show up.

No Clear Objectives

While it might seem obvious, your colleagues should always know why they are attending a meeting. More than just knowing the subject of the meeting, they also need to know what you plan to accomplish by meeting’s end. Clearly listed objectives or tasks that are completed to accomplish a goal are very important in giving your meeting purpose.

No Agenda Thus No Direction

One of the worst things professionals can do is walk into a meeting without an agenda. Even the most informal agenda gives participants a sense of what direction the meeting is headed. By having an agenda that lists the items that will be addressed during the meeting, you are less likely to veer off on subjects that are not related to the issues at hand. More significantly, your colleagues’ time is really important, so when you do not provide them with an agenda and your one-hour meeting goes into overtime, it says that you do not value their time.

An agenda that does not have too many items on the list is one that helps guide your audience through the meeting. Also, make sure to leave a few minutes at the end of the agenda for questions. As opposed to being interrupted throughout the meeting, which can take extra time, you can complete your meeting and address questions after the presentation.

Distracting And Other Nuisance Behaviours

If you have ever been in the audience of a meeting while distracted by the repeated sounds of a cell phone going off, idle chatter, fidgeting and other distracting behaviours, you understand why they get in the way of a meeting. Not only are they distracting, but talking while the speaker is presenting, flipping through papers, or rummaging through your purse are all major disruptions that interrupt the concentration of the speaker and those attending the meeting. Furthermore, your presenter might view your actions as inattentive, and worse yet, rude, whether they are or not.

Meeting Etiquette

Office meetings are a necessary evil that will never go away regardless of how many technology advances there are. However, business owners can alleviate some of the annoyances of attending meetings by properly organising the event and preparing an agenda. Moreover, when your co-workers see the efforts of your planning, they will respect your time and give you their attention.

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Essential rules for achieving a successful career Everyone has a dream that they strive to achieve during their career. Some reach their goal and succeed, others don’t. There are and always will be many factors that cannot be controlled in your career path. Still, there is that one person you should always rely on -  on yourself. However, listening to your intuition and promoting your exquisite skills won’t always be enough to achieve a goal. In other words, you will have to constantly ameliorate your existing skills and acquire new ones in order to grow professionally.

Here are a few essential rules to achieving career success:

  1. Prioritize your goals

The first step is to sort out your goals and prioritize them. In your career, there are two types of goals, those that call for your prompt attention, and those that can significantly change your life. You need to focus on the positive results of these goals in order to achieve them. For example, the first type of goal is an unpaid bill, which, after being paid, won’t require your attention. On the other hand, getting a new job or a promotion can have effects on your life in the long run. Therefore, it is crucial to concentrate on both goals.

  1. Discipline, discipline and discipline

The key to achieving any goal is discipline. No matter how difficult a particular goal is to achieve, without discipline, there is no win. Procrastination is our worst enemy, especially in business. After prioritizing, it’s important not to let insignificant things get the best of us. As we know, time is money and there is nothing worse than wasted time on trivial tasks or useless projects. The truth is that we could spend hours doing these tasks, only to later realize that we wasted energy and time. Therefore, if you are not disciplined, it’s high time you learned this skill. 

  1. Have a trusting team

Successful people don’t reach their goals on their own; on the contrary, they have a trusting team behind them. When building a team, consider what type of people you want to work with. You want to be surrounded by colleagues who share your ideas, your vision, and your values. Moreover, there are various benefits of teamwork in the workplace. A good team can help you bounce off ideas, find new solutions to a problem, and, in the end, make the work environment more productive as well as dynamic. For that reason, when building a team, choose carefully.

  1. Self-Improvement

Many successful people possess leadership qualities. The fact is that especially nowadays, the importance of softs skills cannot be stressed enough, and this is something you won’t learn in college. Therefore, participate regularly in workshops, seminars or apply for a course in executive coaching in order to develop your leadership, communication skills and grow professionally. Check out some motivational speakers so as to do a self-introspection and put their methods into practice.  Reading books as well as articles on these topics shall give you a better insight, and you shall find that being successful means improving your skills.

  1. Build trust with your customers

In the business, there is nothing more important than having a loyal customer. First, you have to get to know your customers, where they come from, in which direction they want your mutual collaboration to proceed. So, building trust with customers means more than just offering a good price. It means fulfilling your promises and not trying to cover up mistakes. In the end, your client’s feedback will either build or destroy your business. In case you are not able to fulfill the client’s demands, honesty is the best policy, and, because of it, the client will respect you more.

  1. Offer quality, not quantity

If you really want the product that you are offering to get your client’s attention, don’t neglect its quality. This is the most important aspect of any product, and it is something you want to be proud of. High - quality products attract loyal customers and get good reviews, e.g. think about Apple’s products and their happy customers to whom the company owns its career success. If your product is original and of the best quality, then you will profit, as well as, attract more potential loyal customers. Therefore, always opt for quality as it is a key to your success.

A lot of passion, a lot of success

There is no goal that cannot be achieved with these rules and a lot of passion. Especially when you start putting these rules into practice, be passionate about your goals and how you will prioritize them. Be passionate about being disciplined. Believe in your team that shares the same goal as you. Be passionate about learning something new, growing, developing new skills. Value the relationship that you have with your customers. In the end, be passionate about the products, ideas, and services you offer to the world because that is how you become a success.

Author: Emily Wilson

 " Emily is a business psychologist with a passion for marketing. Researching, exploring and writing is her favorite thing to do. Besides that, she loves animals, music, and traveling"

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Starting a New Contracting Business Affordably Contracting businesses took a big hit when the housing bubble burst, slowing construction way down. However, construction has been in steady comeback mode in recent years, so it isn’t surprising that we see a number of new organizations looking to get in – or back in – on the action. Naturally, if you’re one of these people, starting a new contracting business affordably is what’s on your mind.

However, since the burst of the bubble, everything costs more. And a contracting business carries with it an overabundance of overhead. Here is just a small list:

●           Licensing

●           Bonding

●           Business Insurance

●           Health Insurance

●           Labor

●           Tools

●           Equipment

●           Advertising…

However, the one item that is underestimated and usually turns out to be the most constant expense is your company is the equipment. It’s hard enough to decide what you want in a truck. You may also be thinking about whether you can get what you need by purchasing a truck, or securing commercial rental trucks.

At this point, if you haven’t done so already, some serious planning is in order. It’s a matter of figuring how much you can afford to pay each month for expenses.. Remember, the idea is starting a new contracting business affordably..

Here’s some advice: This step should not be ignored. If you are not good at planning or budgeting, then you have two choices:

  1. Learn it, to a reasonable degree, or
  2. Hire or partner with someone who is knows it.

A budget gives you a clear path to where you want to go in your business If you decide to ignore this step you can surely expect tons of surprises.

For example, your plan is to spend $300 per month on your vehicle payment, and maybe $200 on tools per month. Then one month you see a tool that would help you big time on the job. But it costs $300. If you decide to buy that tool, then you have endangered your vehicle payment budget. This might prompt you to “borrow” from another item, but this will only begin a vicious cycle. It’s better to wait until one item requires less outgo so the extra can be redistributed to the tools part of the budget.

Let’s take a look at purchasing a truck. You may have a sizeable down payment. You’re likely to have a high payment and your insurance will be higher. Will you be able to manage that while building your clientele?

On the other hand, maybe you would like to consider renting the expensive equipment. There are some considerable advantages to this:

  • You may not be required to shell out a lot of cash for a down payment.
  • Lower fees
  • Tax advantages – you can deduct all vehicle expenses
  • You only have to turn in the vehicle once the lease is up

And there could be more than we can list here, but you get the idea.

So if purchasing a truck for your contracting business just isn’t in the budget, then maybe leasing trucks is the way to go for now. Once you have enough business coming in that you can reinvest, then perhaps you will be in a better position to buy.

Or, if you discover that commercial rental trucks works for you and your business, then after your lease is complete, you will definitely be in a good position to negotiate a better deal on a new lease.

So in your thought process while starting your new contracting business affordably, look at your current resources, compare the cost of leasing versus buying, and figure out which one fits your budget.

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Is Your Company’s Website Firing on All Cylinders? No matter the industry you're in, it is important that you have a first-rate website to promote your brand.

That said when was the last time you gave your website a thorough review? If it has been a while now since having done that, make it a priority moving forward.

With your website firing on all cylinders, you have the ability to grow your business.

Seal the Deal with a Top-Notch Site

In the event your website has been a little lackluster up to this point, why is that?

Among some of the reasons for this issue:

  1. No direction – Are you out of your league when it comes to putting together and operating a website? If the answer is yes, you are not alone. Unfortunately, too many business owners are great at a myriad of things. But then, they drop the ball when it comes to their websites. Make sure your website is going in the right direction. If this means hiring a pro to do it, put some funds towards that need.
  2. Hard navigation – When folks come searching for O-rings online or other items on your site, they want it to be easy. That is navigation without feeling as if they’re working their way through a maze. That said make easy navigation a top priority. Those O-rings you manufacture and sell online should be visible on your website. Make it so all the different sizes, descriptions and prices are easy to find. If a consumer wants O-rings, they should be able to select and proceed to checkout without hassles. If there are bumps in the road with the ordering process, some may go to competitor sites and do business with them.
  3. Where’s the contact information? Having a business site without easy to find contact or help information can be another kiss of death. Look at some of the experiences you’ve had as a consumer over the years. Were you frustrated because some sites you visited online were lacking contact info? No matter the product or products, chances are some consumers are going to have questions. As such, you want to make it easy for them to ask such questions. You should also add a frequently asked questions (FAQ) to your website. In doing so, many consumers may be able to get the answers they need without speaking to a customer service rep.

Even when you have stores, offices, warehouses and more, you need an online presence. It helps promote your brand and sell products.

By making sure your online initiatives get time and effort, you have a better chance of more business.

So, is it time you took a step or two back and reviewed what you’re doing or of more importance not doing with your website?

Chances are when you do this you will notice some shortfalls. When you do, make sure you put some time and effort into correcting them.

This will increase your company’s ability to stand out from the competition.

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Be Trek-Ready: Trekking Essentials You Need For Your Outdoor Adventure  

If you are gearing up to head out for a great hike, for sure, you want to have the proper equipment needed such as the appropriate backpack, maps, and other essentials. But, if you do not put on the right clothes, most likely your trip will swiftly become an uneasy and uncomfortable experience.

Fortunately for hikers, only a tiny gadgetry or tools and technical clothing are essential for a fun and safe hike. Also, clothing and gear essentials do not require to be costly for a fantastic trail.

Hiking Essentials Number 1: Hiking Boots

Footwear provides comfort and support for your ankles and feet especially on a long trail and rough terrain. However, your footwear only requires to be as specialized as the hike you are using them on, which signifies it is safest to ask yourself some questions before going to the local shop:

  • What kind of hiking will I be performing?
  • What will be the condition of the trail when I am hiking?
  • Do I aim to hike in wet or cold weather conditions?
  • Do I have any foot or ankle concerns and problems?

The most significant thing you can do when you shop for footwear is to try them on and wear them around the shop for at least 10 minutes. When you’re testing a shoe, walk around, climb stairs if available, some local shops even have simulated trail ramps or surfaces for this specific purpose.

Now, as you try on your chosen footwear, take note:

  • Does your heel slide or move down and up? A few movement is normal. However, it must be minimal.
  • On downhill setting, feel if your toes collide with the front part of the footwear. You will need to assure they are not too close for those descending or downhill stretches.
  • If it is not comfortable as you try it at the store, it indeed would not be on the trail as well.

Hiking Essentials Number 2: Precise Clothing

You do not need to purchase a new wardrobe before striking the trail. However, you will require a few fundamentals to stay comfortable and safe.

Even though you do not need the most expensive gear,  it is safe to avoid cotton, because cotton is a poor insulator which makes you feel cold and increases your chances of having hypothermia as a result. Instead of cotton, try looking for synthetic materials or wool in Deal Wiki.

  • Support layer: If you are most of the time hiking in sunny weather, this indicates a synthetic shorts and shirt. In colder weather, this will include long thermal undergarment.
  • Warm and protective layer: Do you own a comfy wool sweater? How about a fleece jacket? If you do, take note that both of these clothing will function excellently as an insulating layer to give you warmth if you feel colder in comparison to other ordinary jacket or sweater.
  • Wind-proof or Waterproof layer: This consist of both rain/wind coat and hiking or rain pants. The coat will keep you dry and warm on rainy days and windy hills or ridges, and the pants will help you stay protected and warm from the brush and wet dirt.
  • Socks for Hiking: Socks made explicitly for hiking provide more breathability and cushioning compared to cotton tube socks and will help protect your feet from blisters especially on extended hikes.

Hiking Essentials Number 3: Hiking Backpack

With the same importance as the first two essentials, your bag only requires being as technical as the trails you plan to hike, so you do not need the multi-day pack for now.

The basic bag needs to be substantial enough to carry your water, food, extra clothes and other hiking essentials comfortably. If you usually trek short and easy hikes, a basic backpack will likely do the technique.

Before striking any trail, regardless how effortless, short, or close it may be, it is safest to ensure your bag contains the important things. As you hike, you will be responsible for your safety, which is why it is best for you to gather more information on what to include in your hiking. In addition to this, it is also important to know your physical limits.

What are the things essential to bring?

Watch, whistle, insect repellent lotion, blanket, duct tape (important for repairing), mirror(essential for signaling), extra socks, gloves, and orange vest(especially during the season for hunting).

What are the things you may want to bring?

If you experience any joint problems, trekking poles will be vital. Binoculars and camera for witnessing wildlife and recording the moment(place them inside a waterproof case)

What are the things you can skip?

Until you begin backpacking or hitting on technical hikes, you can cut off flashy GPS systems, expensive specialized gear, locator beacons, tents, or sleeping bags.


Hiking is both an exhilarating and challenging activity that will surely test and enhance your physical and mental well being. However, beginners may likely need proper guidance especially in purchasing the essentials for hiking for them to experience the benefits of hiking to the fullest.

Author’s Bio:

Lisa Jones is a freelance blogger and an outdoor enthusiast. At home, she likes to read online articles about amazing outdoor activities and the proper clothing for hiking as well. When available, Lisa loves to articles for her readers to provide them with appropriate information.

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A Need, Not A Greed: How and Why Should You Become an Eco-friendly Businessman  

Many entrepreneurs are taking good advantage of the eco-friendly innovation by discovering renewable energy solutions.

Since we utilize energy to nearly everything, the recent leaning towards a greener, more reliable technology is generating a lot of opportunities for business-minded people.

However, is this just a trend? Or are there reasonable business opportunities in the long run? This article will explain why the inclination towards the renewable sources of energy is here to stay and offer few hints on establishing your renewable energy company.

Renewable Sources of Energy are Here to Stay

As the number of the population rises, the certainty of limited resources is truly intensifying.

Our energy demands cannot rely on fossil fuels permanently, and although breakthroughs in technology enable us to tap into resources that we were unable to access in the past, at a certain time, it will run out.

These concerns, together with the harmful impacts of constant burning nonrenewable resources, have produced a socially and environmentally conscious attitude amongst various sets of economic players, including firms, investors, consumers, and governments.

Investors and firms looking for earnings have taken advantage of customer engagement in cleaner energy options and government-stimulated greener business schemes. Solar, geothermal, and wind energy sources can be utilized from fundamentally anywhere in the world. 

With these influences steering the shift towards sustainable energy, now is the good time to begin searching for the right set of circumstances to help resolve the world’s energy dilemmas and, possibly, make money.

Understanding the Opportunity


There are countless opportunities for executing an innovative sustainable energy solution.

But, the most excellent place to begin looking is in your field of proficiency.

Think about the businesses you have worked in and consider how renewable sources of energy could help them.

Additionally, take note that becoming a renewable energy business person does not indicate you need to construct your hydroelectric dam or your wind farm. A renewable energy source is not merely about electricity generation because it is also about conservation, storage, and distribution.

Also, you do not have to invent a new technology or product, choosing instead to take part in the installation, maintenance or consulting. Think far and wide, and remember your fields of expertise.

In designing a business design, it is essential to find out if there are other companies in other particular sectors of the world that are already providing a similar service or product like GStore. Look at the essentials of those companies, and use them as the foundations for producing your design.

Despite how extensive you choose to execute your business design, you truly need to perform some early market research and outline a business notion. You will need to determine cost and revenue expectations and set out few essential milestones for launching and developing your business.

Remember to run meetings with possible customers to obtain an insight of the demand for your goods or service and how to present it to the market appropriately. Additionally, try to contact suppliers to acquire price quotes on supplies and services that you'll need to produce your product or execute your service.



Going through the process is never easy, but it can be gratifying, remarkably since, with sustainable energy, you are preserving your resources as well as that of people around the world for several ages to come. They may not get the same recognition as heroes, but renewable energy entrepreneurs may have all the tools to save the planet.

Author’s Bio:

Lisa Jones is a freelance writer and an environmental advocate. When available she writes articles about promoting environment-friendly alternative for living such as buying energy-efficient technology to help protect the environment. At home, Lisa loves to run around the neighborhood to stay fit.

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Crucial Things to Consider in Securing a Home Based Business  

The process of creating and considering your home as a business site is an approach which leaves you exposed to unnecessary risks. Your house is a family’s home. It is not a natural environment for corporate work. Thus, you do things just to have some safety precautions, especially if you’re planning a home-based business.

The challenge of starting a home-based business is not something that you can sweep under the rug, more so if you’re a first-timer. There are plenty of considerations you need to take at hand.

Take your cue from the following factors below:

  • The house must have an alarm system that always ready to secure, especially when you are enjoying some time off or away trip.
  • There must be an environmental hazard for fires and floods in the case of emergency, which your personal belongings and business equipment will have to perish.
  • You must also have a surveillance camera to have another eye for the rooms. Mainly for the expensive equipment, documents, and of course your financial data.
  • Backups of all the files and place it through offsite storage.
  • Make controls by securing your equipment and devices from a different area of your home.
  • Install regular updates to keep your system clean and avoid the hack.
  • Change your password once every three months.
  • The house shall have insured for valuable business assets

How to Create an Office-Like Environment

To establish a home management routines similar to an office, all papers or documents that first come to your desk must be well-filed.

  • Set up your detail responsibilities for everyone. If one of your subordinates is responsible for the filing of all the documents and papers, then the other subordinate is assigned to dispatch the documents or papers.
  • Get the trays or desk drawers to organize your files accurately like documents and paper on your tables.
  • Just keep all records or bookkeep all the transactions for the day. Update all the time the files of clients, all the purchases, all the expenses, and everything in your home must record.
  • Set your home free from unoccupied space. Arrange with logic all the file cabinets, computers, printers and all things orderly so you can maximize the space.
  • Clean your table after the works. All things should be in each proper places for you to identify what’s new in the morning.
  • All works for the next day should be on an adequate schedule such as when to file documents, shipping of goods, receiving of materials, or when to do the bookkeeping.
  • You outsource the things that must be done early and delegate the things to those people that are no much work.
  • Do the tasks that call for priority such as shipping of goods on the first in order not to delay the deliveries.
  • You have to set up a recycling area where your cardboard, papers, plastics, old equipment, waste product be in place.

Do a Budgeting System for your Business

All management have a budget system of them not to exceed the amount allotted.  Same things in your house, you also have to have a budget system for the what to expense and how much to be despatched for you not to exceed the limit.

Below are some limitations and budget system for you to help;

  • Plan in advance the vacation that you want to do for the next month and set an amount on it.
  • Make a list of supplies that you wish to purchase and how much will be the cost.
  • If you have some equipment that you need to purchase, set it for next month to have an amount for it.
  • All the bills and utilities, there must also have an amount for the next month.
  • The transportations and shipping will also have an allotted amount for that.

Making Your Money Grow

You will have to consider that after your earning what you are going to do next. Maybe you shop for something, but you must save an extra amount on it for savings.  You can save not less than 30% of your income, meaning you have to save always. 

The bank is a lead to your savings by investing in time deposits for example. Also, you can invest in a mutual fund, where interest is a little bit elevated. Every single cent, make it as material for you.  Makes your money grow by investing in something that will give an extra mile.

How to Make a Wise Investment  as Part of Your Business

You can do supplementary returns if you make your home a great help for you to have wise investment. Here’s what you can do:

  • Renovate your home instead of building a new one. Typically in your kitchen, bathroom or remodels your living room that can be of high value.
  • Buy low- cost items or properties and sell it to a higher amount.
  • Use your techniques to involve in a mutual fund, like a time deposit but with a larger amount of returns in a short period.
  • You can also pay your debt in a shorter term to earn big amount of rebates discounts.


In your little way, you can think of things to help your money grow. If you’re still uncomfortable handling financial matters, you can consult with credible financial consulting firms such as Ashe Morgan and think of things that would help you improve and prosper. Be sensible enough to do best of the best before you do actions. By making plans wisely, for you to be able to be a great boss of your own and at the comfort of your own home.

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Should You Consider Doing an ICO for Your Startup?

When it comes to working on a startup project, one of the most difficult things to do is getting enough funding.

For startups, there're many traditional ways to get funding. For example, startup owners can fund the project by themselves using personal funding. They could also borrow money from friends and family to get funding. However, these methods are not very practical, as most people don't have enough money to fund new entrepreneurship.

Another source of startup fundings is from professional investors such as VCs and angel investors. Those people have enough money to invest in startup adventures, and they are usually willing to take the risk of losing their money. However, the problem with getting funded by VCs and angel investors is that it's usually quite difficult to get approved. Not only it's quite difficult to get in touch with them, but there's usually a pretty long and restrictive process to work with them. Also, they don't give their money to you for free. They invest in your startups in exchanges for shares and ownerships of your business. Therefore, you need to give up some of the shares of your business to them upfront.

In the recent years, a new way of getting startup funding has emerged. It's called ICO, standing for Initial Coins Offering. It was made possible by the blockchain technology, which has been powering cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins and more.

How Does an ICO Work?

To some degree, ICO is like an IPO, except that you don't have to go through the long process of working with financial institutes, lawyers etc. and you don't even have to meet the requirements such as you already have a working business with solid incomes.

The way ICO works is that you create something called tokens, which are quite like cryptocurrencies such as a bitcoin in that they are stored and exchangeable at a blockchain. In most cases the Ethereum blockchain is used for ICOs.

During an ICO, you create a fixed amount of your tokens and allow people to buy your tokens using a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or ether. The token purchased from you works similar to the shares that shareholders purchased from a public company. Similiar to a stock, the token can be then sold on an exchange.

People buy your ICO tokens because they hope after buying them their price might go up later and thus they can make profits from trading them, which is also similar to how stock works.

Currently ICO is a very popular way to get startup funding. On this internet you can find many ICO lists on which current or upcoming ICOs are listed for potential investors to buy.

Should You Do an ICO?

ICO is still brand new, and it's not well regulated. As a result, there are many scams related to ICO. Many companies just do an ICO to get some quick money. They don't have a solid business model and even the intention to create a real business. With a whitepaper and a website, they hope to sell their tokens to get money and then become rich. There are many occasions in which after the ICO is complete, the ICO company just disappeared with their investor's money.

Whether to do an ICO is quite depended on you. I guess there're many things to consider.

First of all, most ICOs are tech companies that to some degree use the blockchain technology to provide services or products. If your startup uses the blockchain technology, ICO could be a choice for you.

Also, you need to check regulations in your country. In some countries, such as China, ICO is not allowed. Also, due to local regulations, many ICOs are not open to investors in certain countries, such as the United States. Your should check on the regulation before making your decisions.

How to Do an ICO?

You need to have a business plan and a good team. One thing particular about ICO is the requirement of a whitepaper, which is similar to a business plan. Basically, you write down your business model, its technology and your timelines etc. in a PDF document for people to read.

Also, you need to get help from some programmers who can write a smart contract, which is a piece of code to be uploaded on a blockchain for managing your ICO tokens etc. You need to decide the name of your token, the total amount of tokens to issue and the start and end dates of your ICO.

Then you need to adverise for your ICO to let people know about it. When your ICO is live, people can visit your ICO website to follow instructions on how to send cruptocurrency to your smart contract to purchase your ICO tokens.

After you have successfully sold all tokens you have planned to sell, your ICO is over. Now you might want to work with cryptocurrency exchanges to get your token listed there, so that people can trade your tokens.


ICO is a brand new way for startups to get funding. Compared to doing an IPO, it's easier and that's why many companies have chosen to do an ICO. However, there's still not enough regulation and there are many scams in the ICO field. You should think carefully whether you should use ICO to get startup fundings.

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Take a Bite Out of Owning Your Own Business Has the time come where you want to own your own business? If so, what type of business would best suit your needs?

In attempting to answer that question, it is smart to remember what most consumers are in need of.

Face it; many businesses come and go due to the fact many consumers can do without them over time. As a result, what may have seemed like a great business idea at one time can go by the wayside before one knows it.

That said do some research to see what types of businesses have the best staying power.

So, are you ready to take a bite out of owning your own business?

Getting Your Foot in the Door

Often, the best way to get your business started is by using old-fashioned commonsense.

For instance, what are some things that countless consumers will always be in need of? Among some of the more common ones:

  • Medical services
  • Housing
  • Food and drink
  • Transportation
  • Pet services

As you ponder what business line may be best for you, have you thought you might want to own a burger franchise? If so, where do you turn to get things off and running?

First, look to see what franchise possibilities are out there for you?

In researching, be sure to look at the following:

  • History – How successful a history has the particular franchise of interest had?
  • Finances – Will you be able to swing the finances involved to get your stake in the business?
  • Operations – Are you up to the task of running a business that will demand your time and energy?
  • Marketing – How will you go about marketing the business so it gets as much attention as possible?

Socialize the Burger Experience

In marketing, it is important no matter who is doing promotions that they are up to speed on what consumers want.

One of the best ways to go about this is through social media.

Given Facebook alone has more than one billion users; you would be remiss if not using social media.

Sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are among the best for you to use. Also keep LinkedIn as a though when it comes to business networking.

In using social media, be sure you reach out to consumers whenever possible.

Sure, you want to promote your burger business, but there is more to it than promotions.

One of the keys of being a good business person is listening to what your customers have to tell you. Yes, you may get the occasional tough review, but take it as an opportunity to learn from.

Meantime, always look at social media as a 24/7/365 opportunity to be in touch with customers.

With computers and mobile devices, consumers can be in touch with you whenever.

Speaking of that, having a business app is all but a necessity in today’s business world. If you do not already have one, change that as you move forward.

Whether you opt for a burger business or take a bite out of another specialty, get more eyes on your business.

When you do, success will taste quite good.

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How to Run a Successful Online Business

Source: Pixabay

Over the years, thousands to millions of people start an online business only to see it fail down the road. Yes, building a digital shop or a blog can take less time and effort but that doesn’t guarantee success. Most often, people overestimate or underestimate their capabilities, lack proper planning, and lose motivation.

The possibility of failure or mistakes should not stop you from creating something you can call your own. As the saying goes, “Everybody has to start somewhere.” Take, for example, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. These people believed in their passions and persevered.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can grow an online business in a successful way. If you’re just starting out, we suggest that you read through these tips. Hopefully, they will guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and create better situations for you.

Explore different online business ideas.

The world doesn’t run out of opportunities to make money and pursue your passion. Nor does it run out of people in need of something. These facts mean that there are problems everywhere and you can be the solution to that problem. Perhaps your solution is something you’re good at.

For example, couples who need help planning their wedding need an organizer. It so happens that you are fond of the aspect of weddings. You like planning and have a keen attention to detail. You could be that organizer.

Open yourself up to various online business ideas. Explore a market and figure out if that market is for you. Ask questions like, “Can I help meet a need?” or “Can I afford the startup costs?”

Have a unique value proposition.

Among the many reasons why people hesitate to start an online business, here’s one that always stands out: The assumption that they cannot win because there’s a lot of similar businesses that already exist. While it is true that there may be business owners who pursued the same thing you want, this does not make your idea a failure.

To succeed, an important question you need to ask yourself is this: “How do I stand out from the rest?” This is what a unique value proposition is about. It defines you, allowing you to be known for something. It separates you from the competition. Often, it is the reason why a customer chooses your business over another.

Creating a unique value proposition is easier said than done. But don’t worry because there are a few things you can keep in mind. Find areas in a market with problems that remain to be unsolved. Find out whether people will have difficulty using your product or not.

Do small things consistently and extremely well.

Not all businesses gain an overnight success. Overnight success happens very rarely. If there are things you need to focus on, these are the little things you do that accumulate to bring you success down the road.

For example, if you run a t-shirt shop or sell handmade goods, blogging about your products regularly will more likely get you more customers a few days or weeks from your launch. And instead of just writing a plain post for the sake of doing it, put your heart into your work. Share valuable insights and tips that readers can apply.

Remember that each day in your business gives you only two choices: To do the little things even if you’re not in a great mood or move those responsibilities at a later date. The former choice leads you closer to your goals while the latter doesn’t.

Stay on top of the latest trends.

Trends in your business are important. They help you make better decisions by refining your plans and marketing strategies. If you are now aware of the changes that happen in your industry, most likely you’ll be outranked by your best competitors. Or worse, your customers may no longer see you as relevant.

Staying on top of trends is possible through reading the news. Not necessarily the paper. Authoritative online resources include Forbes and The Harvard Business Review. Another technique would be to use Google Alerts. Here, all you need to do is set-up alerts (depending on your keywords) to be sent to your email.

Try to observe what your competitors are doing and how responsive their audiences are. Capitalize on these new strategies while thinking of ways to improve. Doing this will give you an edge.


Running a business online involves some risks. You can minimize these risks and avoid pitfalls when you know beforehand what to avoid. While you follow these tips, look for more to improve your strategies. Most of all, stick to what works for you.

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3 Keys to Improved Home Business Marketing What makes your home business tick?

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re a new kid on the block, make sure you do all you can to market your brand.

With that the case, now is a good time to assess what you’re doing right and what you may need to do to get more brand awareness.

So, is it time to see where your home business marketing game is at?

Spreading the Word to Consumers

To get the best brand awareness possible, keep in mind these three keys:

  1. Technology – Though some brands still rely on word-of-mouth and newspapers, they are dwindling. In today’s digital age, the successful home business owner needs to be mobile savvy. At the head of the list should be having a business app. Face it; countless consumers use their mobile devices more than ever before. As such, you need a compelling app that will get their attention. For both home business owners and consumers, Apple app reviews can be the necessary step to take. Those reviews let you know which mobile apps would best work for your business needs. Once you have your app in place, market the heck out of it.
  1. Website – With a strong Internet presence, you are better suited to draw business. Having your site full of info on your products and services is an electronic business card. The great thing with a stellar website is that consumers are apt to use it 24/7. It is wise to do periodic reviews of your site. Look for roadblocks such as broken links, pages that take too long to download, and lack of contact info. That last one is especially key given some consumers may want to reach out to you online. If they have to go on a wild goose chase to contact you, chances are some will go elsewhere for their business needs.
  2. Social media – Last, never underestimate the power of social media. If you are not already savvy at using Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand, change that. Another site that should garner your attention is Instagram. Having moved into the number two slot behind only Facebook, Instagram is a great tool for your brand. By showing consumers what you have to offer in products and services, you can drum up more business. As with your business site, your social media pages need reviews on a regular basis. Also make it a point to respond to consumer inquiries on your social pages. Not doing so is ignoring potential business. When you turn a blind eye to potential business, don’t expect it to come back your way for a second chance. Interruptions and distractions of any kind in business can lead potential revenue elsewhere.

If you’re not sure how best to improve your home business marketing, you are not alone.

While many are sound at running businesses, marketing can be a whole other ballgame.

Consider hiring a marketing assistant or even an agency to help you. This is especially true if you are only now opening a home business.

By knowing how to spread your brand’s message, you stand to reap the benefits.

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Do You Deal with Too Many Small Business Interruptions? In running your small business, what gets on your nerves over time?

For some small business owners, it is the customers who seem to never be happy no matter what you do for them.

For others, it is dealing with money issues.

While they may be getting by, it is in some cases by the skin of their teeth. As a result, anxiety can set in and remain for some period of time.

If dealing with one or more constant business interruptions, has the time come to fix them?

Remember, the more interruptions you do nothing about, the more likely it is you suffer.

Distractions Can Be a Real Pain in the Neck

If you are like many other small business heads you know all too well how bad daily distractions can prove to be.

One of the more common ones is your cell phone going off and off. Sure, some of those calls are likely clients and you do not want to miss them. Meantime, other ones can be nothing more what most would say are nuisance calls.

Those nuisance calls can add up over time. When they do, you have distractions from getting done all you need to on a daily basis.

If in this predicament, you could spend some time on reverse cell phone searches.

Those searches often will allow you to find out not only where the calls are coming from, but also who is making them. With that knowledge in-hand, one would hope you can put an end to them.

Another common distraction would be spending too much time online.

Although you likely need the Internet for work, you don't be spending too much time there that you lose focus.

One example of this would be web surfing.

Unless surfing for items and information tied to your work, try not to be a web surfer all day and night. Set aside some time either later in the evening, your lunch break, or even on the weekends to do the “fun” stuff online.

Last, make sure your Internet connection is as safe as possible.

Unfortunately, many identity theft thieves are out there looking for their next targets. If you end up being one of those targets, you could find yourself with more problems than you ever need.

Check on a regular basis that your computer’s anti-virus setup is strong and working.

Knowing When to Take a Little Down Time

Given how hard your work, it is important that you know when to take a little down time.

Unlike working for a company, you have a lot more on your plate as a small business owner. As such, it can be easy to feel burned out after a period of time.

Among the ways to recharge your battery at times:

  • Take a little longer lunch a day or two during the week.
  • Plan to get away at least one weekend a month.
  • If feeling pressured, consider adding some part-time help.

From when you started your small business up to now, one would hope you’ve learned a lot along the way.

That said be sure that dealing with interruptions is something you do not let get the better of you.

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4 Best Way to Protect Your Assets You’ve worked hard to acquire your assets, now it’s time to make sure they’re protected so they won’t be vulnerable to loss. Here are the four best ways to keep your assets safe, while minimizing the time spent on the process.

Hire a Professional

Unless you have a background in asset protection it’s a good idea to get an expert opinion on what to do. Get multiple opinions, but in the end you should make the final decision based on what you’ve heard. After all, they’re you’re assets and no one knows them better than you, so you’ll know what feels right and what doesn’t when it comes to protecting them.

Professional firms will help protect your assets in a legal and effective way, taking much of the guesswork out of the problem and letting you focus on what you do best. Remember to delegate, and don’t feel like you have to do every task for your business, especially if it’s not your forte.

Create a Corporate Veil

One way to keep your assets secure while still having complete control of them and decreasing your personal liability is to create a company or a portfolio of companies that hold your assets. You may have heard the term “piercing the corporate veil”, which is when attorneys try to get through the business blockade and hold the owners or shareholders personally accountable.

This process can be time consuming to set up initially, but once it’s in place the benefits can last for years, even making it easier to pass things on to your heirs. The annual paperwork is worth the benefits it provides, and is something to look into if you haven’t used this type of strategy before.

Properly Insure Your Assets

Asset insurance is something to strongly consider, and knowing all of your different options is important. Uncovering possible gaps in your insurance coverage can mean the difference between being fully protected or having your personal assets be subject to a lawsuit.

Since being over insured can cost you in the long run, it’s all about getting set up with the right amount of coverage based on your needs. If the amount of assets you possess makes it hard to figure out how much insurance you need, make sure to sit down with a specialist and have them do a proper audit to turn up any shortages.

Carefully Consider Each Of Your Accounts

Go through each of your accounts and determine which asset protection strategy is best for each one. There’s no blanket answer when it comes to keeping things as safe as possible, and what applies to one type of asset may not apply to the next. Getting a good accounting of all of your different assets, the potential vulnerability of each one, and the best course of action to take can bring massive peace of mind.

The time spent contemplating your asset protection needs can be worth millions, and can mean the difference between stressing out when something bad happens, or feeling calm and collected knowing things are going to be alright no matter what.

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3 Realistic and Actionable Tips to Get More Eyes on Your Business ASAP Businesses come and go. Entrepreneurs and the public alike know this all too well.

The reason why so many businesses fail, though? They fall under the radar. They lack that it factor that makes them compelling in the eyes of potential customers.

The question remains: how do you avoid the same fate with your own company in the long-run?

Whether you’re seeking to fund your mobile startup or are simply a small business that’s struggling for attention, there are many common threads between what modern companies should do to build buzz about themselves.

The following five tips are fair game for businesses of all shapes and size looks to leverage the web and get more eyes on their business without resorting to any off-the-wall or impractical tactics.

Now, let’s dive right in!

Don’t Obsess Over the Competition

This piece of advice might seem so elementary, but many entrepreneurs tend to screw it up.

Just as you shouldn’t obsess over being the “next” Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, you shouldn’t solely concern yourself with what your competition is up to. And on the flip side, in pursuit of being different, many companies simply copycat the likes of their competition and inevitably “play it safe” in the process.

Big mistake.

Competitive research does matter in terms of finding a unique tone and selling proposition for your products, sure. At the same time, think about it like this: the more concerned you are with what your neighbors are doing, the less you can focus on yourself. In short, don’t be your own worst enemy.

Leverage Your Earned Media

Arguably the best way to build up your clout and reputation for your business is by letting other people do the talking. When you’re relatively new on the block and don’t have tons of social proof to throw around, though, what are you to do?

Tap into the power of earned media. At its core, earned media represent press mentions such as articles, blog posts, interviews and even shout-outs by industry influencers. While a company blog can go a long way toward promoting your business, the most powerful promotion comes from the movers and shakers in your industry.

Such exposure doesn’t come by accident, though. Pitching stories, reaching out to editors and otherwise breaking ground in your industry is exactly what’s going to earn you those earned media mentions. It takes time and patience, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

Also, earned media oftentimes represents a sort of snowball effect: once one outlet starts talking about, more attention quickly follows. Of course, be mindful when cold contacting and reaching out for stories as not to label yourself as a spammer. As noted earlier, reputation is key to a thriving business.

Make Yourself as Public as Possible

There are a few layers to this tip, all of which are easy to overlook when you’re a company that’s flying under the radar.

You won’t score many points in your industry by being a total island. Putting yourself out there can take many forms and is arguably easy than ever in the digital age, but some prime strategies include:

  • Taking strong stances: many companies explode via the likes of Medium and social media because they make bold statements that go against the grain of their industry
  • Making yourself vulnerable: people respond to storytelling and authenticity, so don’t be afraid to share your goals, struggles and challenges in pursuit of a more personal connection with the public
  • Get involved in the community: don’t neglect the power of face-to-face networking, community involvement and volunteering for the sake of letting people know what you and your company stand for.

All businesses crave attention, and rightfully so. The key takeaways are for businesses to both take a stand and put themselves out there rather than assume that such much-needed exposure is going to happen overnight. While it may take some networking and legwork, putting these tips in action should be a top priority.

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