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Over the years, thousands to millions of people start an online business only to see it fail down the road. Yes, building a digital shop or a blog can take less time and effort but that doesn’t guarantee success. Most often, people overestimate or underestimate their capabilities, lack proper planning, and lose motivation.

The possibility of failure or mistakes should not stop you from creating something you can call your own. As the saying goes, “Everybody has to start somewhere.” Take, for example, the world’s most successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. These people believed in their passions and persevered.

Today, we’re going to talk about how you can grow an online business in a successful way. If you’re just starting out, we suggest that you read through these tips. Hopefully, they will guide you on your entrepreneurial journey and create better situations for you.

Explore different online business ideas.

The world doesn’t run out of opportunities to make money and pursue your passion. Nor does it run out of people in need of something. These facts mean that there are problems everywhere and you can be the solution to that problem. Perhaps your solution is something you’re good at.

For example, couples who need help planning their wedding need an organizer. It so happens that you are fond of the aspect of weddings. You like planning and have a keen attention to detail. You could be that organizer.

Open yourself up to various online business ideas. Explore a market and figure out if that market is for you. Ask questions like, “Can I help meet a need?” or “Can I afford the startup costs?”

Have a unique value proposition.

Among the many reasons why people hesitate to start an online business, here’s one that always stands out: The assumption that they cannot win because there’s a lot of similar businesses that already exist. While it is true that there may be business owners who pursued the same thing you want, this does not make your idea a failure.

To succeed, an important question you need to ask yourself is this: “How do I stand out from the rest?” This is what a unique value proposition is about. It defines you, allowing you to be known for something. It separates you from the competition. Often, it is the reason why a customer chooses your business over another.

Creating a unique value proposition is easier said than done. But don’t worry because there are a few things you can keep in mind. Find areas in a market with problems that remain to be unsolved. Find out whether people will have difficulty using your product or not.

Do small things consistently and extremely well.

Not all businesses gain an overnight success. Overnight success happens very rarely. If there are things you need to focus on, these are the little things you do that accumulate to bring you success down the road.

For example, if you run a t-shirt shop or sell handmade goods, blogging about your products regularly will more likely get you more customers a few days or weeks from your launch. And instead of just writing a plain post for the sake of doing it, put your heart into your work. Share valuable insights and tips that readers can apply.

Remember that each day in your business gives you only two choices: To do the little things even if you’re not in a great mood or move those responsibilities at a later date. The former choice leads you closer to your goals while the latter doesn’t.

Stay on top of the latest trends.

Trends in your business are important. They help you make better decisions by refining your plans and marketing strategies. If you are now aware of the changes that happen in your industry, most likely you’ll be outranked by your best competitors. Or worse, your customers may no longer see you as relevant.

Staying on top of trends is possible through reading the news. Not necessarily the paper. Authoritative online resources include Forbes and The Harvard Business Review. Another technique would be to use Google Alerts. Here, all you need to do is set-up alerts (depending on your keywords) to be sent to your email.

Try to observe what your competitors are doing and how responsive their audiences are. Capitalize on these new strategies while thinking of ways to improve. Doing this will give you an edge.


Running a business online involves some risks. You can minimize these risks and avoid pitfalls when you know beforehand what to avoid. While you follow these tips, look for more to improve your strategies. Most of all, stick to what works for you.

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3 Keys to Improved Home Business Marketing What makes your home business tick?

Whether you’ve been in business for years or you’re a new kid on the block, make sure you do all you can to market your brand.

With that the case, now is a good time to assess what you’re doing right and what you may need to do to get more brand awareness.

So, is it time to see where your home business marketing game is at?

Spreading the Word to Consumers

To get the best brand awareness possible, keep in mind these three keys:

  1. Technology – Though some brands still rely on word-of-mouth and newspapers, they are dwindling. In today’s digital age, the successful home business owner needs to be mobile savvy. At the head of the list should be having a business app. Face it; countless consumers use their mobile devices more than ever before. As such, you need a compelling app that will get their attention. For both home business owners and consumers, Apple app reviews can be the necessary step to take. Those reviews let you know which mobile apps would best work for your business needs. Once you have your app in place, market the heck out of it.
  1. Website – With a strong Internet presence, you are better suited to draw business. Having your site full of info on your products and services is an electronic business card. The great thing with a stellar website is that consumers are apt to use it 24/7. It is wise to do periodic reviews of your site. Look for roadblocks such as broken links, pages that take too long to download, and lack of contact info. That last one is especially key given some consumers may want to reach out to you online. If they have to go on a wild goose chase to contact you, chances are some will go elsewhere for their business needs.
  2. Social media – Last, never underestimate the power of social media. If you are not already savvy at using Facebook and Twitter to promote your brand, change that. Another site that should garner your attention is Instagram. Having moved into the number two slot behind only Facebook, Instagram is a great tool for your brand. By showing consumers what you have to offer in products and services, you can drum up more business. As with your business site, your social media pages need reviews on a regular basis. Also make it a point to respond to consumer inquiries on your social pages. Not doing so is ignoring potential business. When you turn a blind eye to potential business, don’t expect it to come back your way for a second chance. Interruptions and distractions of any kind in business can lead potential revenue elsewhere.

If you’re not sure how best to improve your home business marketing, you are not alone.

While many are sound at running businesses, marketing can be a whole other ballgame.

Consider hiring a marketing assistant or even an agency to help you. This is especially true if you are only now opening a home business.

By knowing how to spread your brand’s message, you stand to reap the benefits.

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Do You Deal with Too Many Small Business Interruptions? In running your small business, what gets on your nerves over time?

For some small business owners, it is the customers who seem to never be happy no matter what you do for them.

For others, it is dealing with money issues.

While they may be getting by, it is in some cases by the skin of their teeth. As a result, anxiety can set in and remain for some period of time.

If dealing with one or more constant business interruptions, has the time come to fix them?

Remember, the more interruptions you do nothing about, the more likely it is you suffer.

Distractions Can Be a Real Pain in the Neck

If you are like many other small business heads you know all too well how bad daily distractions can prove to be.

One of the more common ones is your cell phone going off and off. Sure, some of those calls are likely clients and you do not want to miss them. Meantime, other ones can be nothing more what most would say are nuisance calls.

Those nuisance calls can add up over time. When they do, you have distractions from getting done all you need to on a daily basis.

If in this predicament, you could spend some time on reverse cell phone searches.

Those searches often will allow you to find out not only where the calls are coming from, but also who is making them. With that knowledge in-hand, one would hope you can put an end to them.

Another common distraction would be spending too much time online.

Although you likely need the Internet for work, you don't be spending too much time there that you lose focus.

One example of this would be web surfing.

Unless surfing for items and information tied to your work, try not to be a web surfer all day and night. Set aside some time either later in the evening, your lunch break, or even on the weekends to do the “fun” stuff online.

Last, make sure your Internet connection is as safe as possible.

Unfortunately, many identity theft thieves are out there looking for their next targets. If you end up being one of those targets, you could find yourself with more problems than you ever need.

Check on a regular basis that your computer’s anti-virus setup is strong and working.

Knowing When to Take a Little Down Time

Given how hard your work, it is important that you know when to take a little down time.

Unlike working for a company, you have a lot more on your plate as a small business owner. As such, it can be easy to feel burned out after a period of time.

Among the ways to recharge your battery at times:

  • Take a little longer lunch a day or two during the week.
  • Plan to get away at least one weekend a month.
  • If feeling pressured, consider adding some part-time help.

From when you started your small business up to now, one would hope you’ve learned a lot along the way.

That said be sure that dealing with interruptions is something you do not let get the better of you.

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4 Best Way to Protect Your Assets You’ve worked hard to acquire your assets, now it’s time to make sure they’re protected so they won’t be vulnerable to loss. Here are the four best ways to keep your assets safe, while minimizing the time spent on the process.

Hire a Professional

Unless you have a background in asset protection it’s a good idea to get an expert opinion on what to do. Get multiple opinions, but in the end you should make the final decision based on what you’ve heard. After all, they’re you’re assets and no one knows them better than you, so you’ll know what feels right and what doesn’t when it comes to protecting them.

Professional firms will help protect your assets in a legal and effective way, taking much of the guesswork out of the problem and letting you focus on what you do best. Remember to delegate, and don’t feel like you have to do every task for your business, especially if it’s not your forte.

Create a Corporate Veil

One way to keep your assets secure while still having complete control of them and decreasing your personal liability is to create a company or a portfolio of companies that hold your assets. You may have heard the term “piercing the corporate veil”, which is when attorneys try to get through the business blockade and hold the owners or shareholders personally accountable.

This process can be time consuming to set up initially, but once it’s in place the benefits can last for years, even making it easier to pass things on to your heirs. The annual paperwork is worth the benefits it provides, and is something to look into if you haven’t used this type of strategy before.

Properly Insure Your Assets

Asset insurance is something to strongly consider, and knowing all of your different options is important. Uncovering possible gaps in your insurance coverage can mean the difference between being fully protected or having your personal assets be subject to a lawsuit.

Since being over insured can cost you in the long run, it’s all about getting set up with the right amount of coverage based on your needs. If the amount of assets you possess makes it hard to figure out how much insurance you need, make sure to sit down with a specialist and have them do a proper audit to turn up any shortages.

Carefully Consider Each Of Your Accounts

Go through each of your accounts and determine which asset protection strategy is best for each one. There’s no blanket answer when it comes to keeping things as safe as possible, and what applies to one type of asset may not apply to the next. Getting a good accounting of all of your different assets, the potential vulnerability of each one, and the best course of action to take can bring massive peace of mind.

The time spent contemplating your asset protection needs can be worth millions, and can mean the difference between stressing out when something bad happens, or feeling calm and collected knowing things are going to be alright no matter what.

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3 Realistic and Actionable Tips to Get More Eyes on Your Business ASAP Businesses come and go. Entrepreneurs and the public alike know this all too well.

The reason why so many businesses fail, though? They fall under the radar. They lack that it factor that makes them compelling in the eyes of potential customers.

The question remains: how do you avoid the same fate with your own company in the long-run?

Whether you’re seeking to fund your mobile startup or are simply a small business that’s struggling for attention, there are many common threads between what modern companies should do to build buzz about themselves.

The following five tips are fair game for businesses of all shapes and size looks to leverage the web and get more eyes on their business without resorting to any off-the-wall or impractical tactics.

Now, let’s dive right in!

Don’t Obsess Over the Competition

This piece of advice might seem so elementary, but many entrepreneurs tend to screw it up.

Just as you shouldn’t obsess over being the “next” Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, you shouldn’t solely concern yourself with what your competition is up to. And on the flip side, in pursuit of being different, many companies simply copycat the likes of their competition and inevitably “play it safe” in the process.

Big mistake.

Competitive research does matter in terms of finding a unique tone and selling proposition for your products, sure. At the same time, think about it like this: the more concerned you are with what your neighbors are doing, the less you can focus on yourself. In short, don’t be your own worst enemy.

Leverage Your Earned Media

Arguably the best way to build up your clout and reputation for your business is by letting other people do the talking. When you’re relatively new on the block and don’t have tons of social proof to throw around, though, what are you to do?

Tap into the power of earned media. At its core, earned media represent press mentions such as articles, blog posts, interviews and even shout-outs by industry influencers. While a company blog can go a long way toward promoting your business, the most powerful promotion comes from the movers and shakers in your industry.

Such exposure doesn’t come by accident, though. Pitching stories, reaching out to editors and otherwise breaking ground in your industry is exactly what’s going to earn you those earned media mentions. It takes time and patience, but it’s totally worth it in the end.

Also, earned media oftentimes represents a sort of snowball effect: once one outlet starts talking about, more attention quickly follows. Of course, be mindful when cold contacting and reaching out for stories as not to label yourself as a spammer. As noted earlier, reputation is key to a thriving business.

Make Yourself as Public as Possible

There are a few layers to this tip, all of which are easy to overlook when you’re a company that’s flying under the radar.

You won’t score many points in your industry by being a total island. Putting yourself out there can take many forms and is arguably easy than ever in the digital age, but some prime strategies include:

  • Taking strong stances: many companies explode via the likes of Medium and social media because they make bold statements that go against the grain of their industry
  • Making yourself vulnerable: people respond to storytelling and authenticity, so don’t be afraid to share your goals, struggles and challenges in pursuit of a more personal connection with the public
  • Get involved in the community: don’t neglect the power of face-to-face networking, community involvement and volunteering for the sake of letting people know what you and your company stand for.

All businesses crave attention, and rightfully so. The key takeaways are for businesses to both take a stand and put themselves out there rather than assume that such much-needed exposure is going to happen overnight. While it may take some networking and legwork, putting these tips in action should be a top priority.

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Top Tips For Working As An Uber Driver Working as an Uber or Uber Black driver can be a great way to earn extra money or even a full time income if you really commit to it.

That being said, you can’t just become a great Uber driver overnight. You can’t just say that you want to drive people around in your car and get paid for it.

Fortunately, here are the top tips for working as an Uber driver to ensure that things go as smoothly as possible:

Don’t Forget To Report Your Taxes

At the end of each year, you will receive a 1099 tax form. Uber will not remove taxes from your pay at the end of each week. Instead, as a contractor, it is your responsibility to report and pay your taxes. It’s essential that you keep track of your mileage and receipts of your fuel bills to lower your tax liability.

Keep Your Car Clean

If you were a traveler in need of an Uber driver, would you want to travel in car that was messy or not well kept up? Obviously not, which is why you must do everything you can to keep your vehicle immaculately clean on the inside and out. Getting your car detailed and sending it through the car wash at least once a week aren’t bad rules to follow.

Are You A People Person?

The smoothness of the ride and the quality of your vehicle is only part of the overall Uber experience. The other part is the interaction between the passenger and the Uber driver. You need to possess solid communication and people skills, or else your overall rating will suffer and you’ll get less rides.

Don’t Be Afraid To Take Breaks

All of the sitting and driving is going to take a toll on your back and legs, so don’t be afraid to take breaks. Get out of your car, grab a bite to eat, and just move around before your next ride. Even if you’re extremely busy, taking just a quick two minute break outside of your car will be great for you both physically and mentally.

Understand That There Is A Learning Curve

It will take you some time, as in several days if not a week or two, to really get into the swing of things as an Uber driver. The same can be said of just about any other activity or job. You can help to alleviate much of the stress in your first few days as much as possible by informing your passengers that you are new or contacting Uber’s support team, which is actually quite helpful.

Working As An Uber Driver

Driving for Uber can ultimately be a very fun and profitable experience, but it’s also not for everybody nor is it something that you’ll get the hang of immediately on your first day. That being said, these tips will still definitely make things much easier for you.

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5 Essential Tips for Wannabe Rideshare Drivers in the Los Angeles Area Los Angeles is notoriously one of the most difficult areas in the country to get around via transportation. From rubberneckers and traffic jams to stop-go drivers that seem to have no idea what they’re doing, many locals and tourists alike would rather pay a pretty penny rather than have to get behind the wheel themselves.

This represents a massive window of opportunity to Uber and Lyft drivers who are looking to turn their willingness to navigate the streets of LA into cold, hard cash. That said, succeeding as a rideshare driver in LA requires a certain level of expectation versus other areas of the country.

So, what do wannabe rideshare drivers need to know before they get started? Below we’ve outlined five points to consider if you’re interested in hopping on the rideshare bandwagon in the City of Angels.

Understand Your Your Insurance Situation

One of the most overlooked aspects of becoming a rideshare driver, it’s crucial to understand the details of your car insurance policy.

There’s a good chance that your current insurance doesn’t actually cover you or your passengers in case of an accident while you’re on the clock. Considering how unpredictable driving in LA can be, having a decent policy is an absolute must. Take the time to check out rideshare insurance options in California to figure out the best type of policy for you.

Keep Your Vehicle Spotless

Given LA’s high cost of living, there’s a certain level of expectation that might come from many of your passengers. Rather than fear potential judgment or worry about a bad rating due to something as trivial as a dirty vehicle, strive to keep your car spotless. Tidying up in-between riders and stocking your car with cleaning supplies can help do the trick.

Don’t ignore the exterior of your vehicle, by the way. For example, knowing how to clean your car during a drought is another must-have skill given California’s often dusty conditions.

Expect Some Wear and Tear

Rideshare drivers need to track their mileage and fuel consumption, but it’s especially important to note that LA can indeed be a pricey place to drive. Stop-go and bumper-to-bumper traffic is obviously bad for mileage and can likewise result in wear and tear on your vehicle, both of which should be taken into consideration when calculating your long-term expenses.

Know Your Routes Inside-Out

Los Angeles is often cited as one of the worst cities to drive in country-wide. The better you can navigate the busy streets and take alternate routes, the less of a headache your experience as a rideshare driver will be.

Hopefully you already have your own set of shortcuts and roads in mind to help your passengers get from Point A to Point B faster. If not, consider using navigation apps such as Waze which keep you informed of traffic problems in real-time.

Be Prepared for Some Nitpicking

Not to stereotype LA as a ritzy area, but there’s no denying that many passengers in California have extremely high expectations when it comes to their rides. As such, don’t be surprised at some off-handed remarks or the occasional condescending customer despite doing your best to offer service with a smile.

Take such passengers in stride and know that as long as you’re consistently getting good reviews, the occasional “meh” one isn’t such a big deal.

While driving professionally is LA certainly comes with its set of challenges, it’s a market with massive potential due to how many passengers truly on ridesharing. Understanding these expectations ahead of time can help you know what you need to do to get started and succeed.

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Commercial Business Are Saving Millions With Solar Energy In a constantly shifting business environment, there was one area that showed consistent growth in the 2nd Quarter of 2017, solar installs. Now more than ever, businesses are turning to solar as a means of leveling out costs and increasing profitability. In Q2 of 2017 2.4 GW or 2.4 billion watts of solar power were installed nationwide, over 60% of which was commercial purposed. This represents an 8% growth increase from last year in the same quarter.

To those of us who own and run businesses in the U.S. it is crucial that we constantly assess overhead costs and count every penny to ensure maximum profitability. The commercial solar market is blossoming because of substantial tax incentive being paired with a diversified set of offerings that allow businesses to leverage the savings of solar regardless of structure. With Power Purchase Agreements and varying lease structures, businesses and non-profit entities are still able to consider solar, even without traditional tax appetite. With varying terms and fixed rate pricing solar is allowing businesses to decrease electric costs while simultaneously entering a contract for power that guarantees controlled or non-existent rate increases. On average businesses are seeing reductions of 25-30%, in some cases larger, without laying out cash or taking loans. That's good reason to call alocal solar energy provider and start crunching the numbers for your business.

For the business owners looking to leverage the maximum return from their solar project, the market also offers amortization products and split loans to allow for the Solar Federal Income Tax Credit and MACRS Depreciation available to solar owners to be utilized as payment. In these scenarios customers can finance a solar system with no money down at rates from 2.49%-9.99% over varying terms, while utilizing a special tax loan to cover the FITC and MACRS portions without interest. This structure replaces the existing utility bill, or a portion of it, with a fixed payment that allows the business owner to receive equity on his electric costs by investing in solar as an asset for his business, all while receiving his company’s power directly from it.

With a range of no-money-down options, businesses are becoming increasingly aware of getting the long standing benefits of solar going. From decreasing demand to opening avenues for future power storage use, solar is affecting the business landscape constantly. The future business landscape in the U.S. may be uncertain at times, but the concept of controlling costs and maximizing profitability through energy efficiency will continue to be an intelligent move for business owners from small to large. As our energy dependence and automation of processes continue to take place, it becomes more and more crucial that we implement sustainable sources for feeding that machine. Solar is savings businesses millions by empowering control and profitability in its expansive use, while the opportunity cost of not doing so grows with it.

We cannot give enough thanks to Grid City Energy 375 Pearsall Ave, Cedarhurst, NY 11516 516-308-7878 for all their input into this groundbreaking publication. We worked closely to provide business owners with the information necessary to go green, save money and grow their business.

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What Companies Should Know About Millennials and Business Travel

You’ve probably already heard plenty about the preferences and tendencies of the Millennial generation because they’re no longer newcomers to the workforce. With that being said, they remain incredibly important, and certain things can't be overlooked in the workplace, particularly since this demographic makes up the majority of the world’s workforce right now.

One area of focus for global companies is on business travel and how it relates to Millennials. The following are some of the big takeaways that might be worth integrating into how you do business.

Millennials Like Traveling For Work

We’ve all heard it over and over again, but it’s true: Millennials are unique from the generations before them.

Of course, that can be said of any generation, but Millennials are in the spotlight right now. One way they’re unique is that they don’t bemoan business travel. They seem to do quite the opposite and embrace it.

Older generations tended to see traveling for work as a necessary evil, while Millennials see it as a perk of the job in many cases, which can be good for companies.

Millennials tend to like unique and new experiences in general, so if you can frame your corporate travel program within this concept, it might benefit everyone.

They Want Travel Control

While Millennials aren’t necessarily backing away from the idea of traveling for work, they do tend to want autonomy when it comes to their travel decisions. Businesses can embrace this by eliminating the old expense management processes and going with technology. Choose an expense management platform that lets travelers have flexibility in how they travel and how their trip plays out while they’re on the go.

As an added bonus, if you invest in a mobile-driven and Millennial-friendly expense management solution, you can eliminate things like manual invoice processing as well, which can make your entire organization more efficient and streamlined.

Millennials also tend to want to be able to take control of the planning for their business travel, rather than having it done for them.

Blurred Business-Leisure Lines

Millennials see much less distinction between their private and work lives than other generations before, and that’s likely because they're constantly connected via technology. They also tend to have flexible work situations such as working from home or having unique schedules. These ideas of flexibility can be integrated into travel programs as well.

If a company is comfortable with providing some time for leisure travel during business trips, Millennials are likely to be more satisfied with the experience. As long as parameters are set, and everyone is clear on them, flexibility in business travel can lead to more productive and engaged employees.

Finally, while Millennials might be tech gurus, they actually see a lot of value in the face-to-face meetings that business travel offers.

Millennial employees might use their smartphones and digital devices to book every aspect of their work trips, but they will also likely be willing to forge human connections that can be valuable to your company when they’re traveling.

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What Happens When a Former Employee Won’t Go Away? In running your small business, have you ever had to let an employee go for one reason or another? If the answer is yes, you know how difficult it can be at times.

That said some employees will not always go quiet into the night. As a result, you may have to take legal action to get them to stay clear of your business. If that happens, it can prove costly in money and time.

With that in mind, what can you do to best assure that a former employee will remain that?

Signs You Could Be in for a Fight

If you have a former employee who doesn’t get the hint to move on, what steps can you take?

Among some of those to ponder:

  1. Legal action

Although you hope taking legal action will be a last resort, it does happen. As such, make sure you prepare to deal with the various consequences.

Getting law enforcement and lawyers involved could bring negative publicity to your brand. Although you may view this action as being necessary, think about it long and hard.

When a former employee makes it difficult on you to leave, he or she has options themselves.

One of them is to go public with the dismissal.

If they feel they got a raw deal, the may think that using social media etc. is one way to get back at you. If something's stated in a libelous manner, you may consider your legal department handles the issue.

  1. Harassing calls or other correspondence

What do you do if a former worker is contacting your place of work?

In some cases, you may not be able to pin them down right away. Do you know for sure if the calls or anonymous letters or social media posts are from them?

One way to try and identify the caller is by making a free reverse phone search. Doing this allows you to see where the calls are coming from. As such, you are able to know for sure if your former worker is in fact the one making life difficult for you.

Social media is another area where employers must guard against damage.

With millions on social networking sites at any given time, the potential for damage is great.

If you believe someone you laid off or fired is using social media to get back at you, consider legal action.

You will need evidence that it is the former employee to have any chance of winning a defamation suit. At best, you can send out a letter to the individual, telling them you suspect it is them behind the posts. Whether that deters them moving forward is oftentimes up in the air.

  1. Keeping your current employees safe and motivated

Fallout from having a disgruntled former employee is the impact on your current team.

It is imperative that you do your best to keep your current team’s focus on their jobs at hand. In doing so, you have less of a risk of the former employee’s actions becoming a major distraction in the office.

In the event the individual shows up at your workplace, make it known that they are not to do this again. Some of your current staff may become uneasy if this individual comes to the office.

Dealing with a disgruntled former worker can be a difficult challenge.

That said handle it in as professional a manner as possible.

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Start Your Business Off on the Right Foot No matter the small business you plan on getting off the ground, keep in mind many things have to fall into place.

The biggest challenge for any small business owner is making sure they do not dip into the red on a regular basis. Doing so can be a death sentence that will be hard to overturn.

That said there are many ways to get your business off and running in a positive manner, so focus on those.

Whatever line of business you plan on starting up, kick things off the right way.

Is Ecommerce in Your Near Future?

One way to position you to have an impact early on would be going the Ecommerce route. Yes, there are countless Ecommerce companies worldwide, but some do better than others. With that in mind, how can you pull off a winning Ecommerce strategy?

For starters, do your best to offer a product or products that is not saturating the market.

Case in point; the current fidget spinners craze has been a big hit. That said there comes a point and time when saturation seeps in. For example, remember the beanie baby craze a few decades back? Now, you’d have trouble giving them away in some cases.

By keeping your eyes and ears glued to the consumer marketplace, you are in-tune with what is doing well.

This reason is why having an Ecommerce business offer many products is better.

Don’t Lose Track of Your Financial Health

Even the best of small business owners know that things can change rather fast if they are not careful.

With an Ecommerce angle to your business, there are opportunities to reap the rewards. That said there are also chances for financial challenges, some of which can be hard to overcome.

One area that should always be on your radar is chargebacks.

In allowing customers to charge for their products, you make things convenient. That being the case, there is also the opportunity for you to come out on the short end.

As an example, if some customers buy from you and then turn around and do not pay, who do you think gets stuck with the bill? If you said yourself, correct.

As such, do your best to know as much information on credit card chargebacks as possible. By doing so, you will lessen the chances of your financial well-being taking a significant hit.

Those chargebacks may be innocent at times, but others turn out to be nothing short of consumer fraud.

Customer Service Reigns Supreme

Even though you are going to deal with some customers who don’t treat you with respect, most will be on the up-and-up.

For those in the latter group, do your best to reward them for their loyalty to your brand.

By offering various rewards, you are more likely to keep customers coming back again. As they do, they are more inclined to tell others about your small business.

Many smaller companies have marketing budget limits. Given that fact, it is important to do whatever necessary to get customers. By offering top-rate service, you are more likely to see familiar faces coming to you for years to come.

So, are you prepared to get your business off on the right foot?

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How to Clean Up for Work When it comes to the world of business, there are a number of factors that go into a good business performance. These are as follows: seriousness, competence, and appearance. That’s right. Like it or not, your appearance will play a major role in the success or failure of your performance in a professional setting. So, you need to make sure your look is on point to get ahead in your business career. Here are a few tips to get you started.

First and foremost, a professional look demands a fine suit. And, you’re probably thinking black. There’s nothing wrong with that, but keep in mind you have other options. As long as you stick to neutral colors, like browns, blues, and greys, you can experiment with different colors and patterns to find the right fit for you. Classic suit patterns include checkers, houndstooth, and pinstripes. When it comes to your shirt, socks, and tie, you have more creative control, so feel free to express yourself here. You can use your shirt to add a dash of color to your look, and matching this with your socks creates a compelling image. Your tie is where you’ll find the least restriction. People often encourage outlandish and wacky ties, let alone more subdued patterns and colors, so go nuts with you tie to leave an impression. Don’t be afraid to spend a little on some new duds from Brooks Brothers to round out your professional look.

Another way to improve your professional look is to make sure your hair is neatly coiffed and your face is clean shaven. This goes a long way toward telling others at a glance that you mean business. Feel free to accessorize your look, as well, with a nice watch, a pocket watch, or perhaps a tie clip. If you wear glasses, try either thick, dark frames, or thin, metallic frames to emanate gravitas.

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How to Determine if You Can Afford the Car You Want When it comes to buying expensive items like cars, the average consumer doesn’t know where to begin to understand whether or not the item is affordable. In many cases, a car dealer might sell you a car, even if the payments are too much to handle. Figuring out if this is the right deal for you is more than looking at the monthly payment and thinking, “Yeah, I can probably afford that month after month.” In reality, things are a little bit more complicated than that.

First, there’s the interest rate and fees. Together, these two numbers form your APR, or Annual Percentage Rate. The APR is the extra money you pay each month in exchange for the right to use a lender’s money. APR isn’t just a way for lenders to make profit. Most of the money is used to make up for the times that borrowers default on loans. Some borrowers might miss a payment here and there, paying it back when they have the money. Other borrowers can default on the loan entirely.

You don’t want to default on the loan. Not only could it result in your car being repossessed, breaking your contract will kill your credit. Because you likely won’t be able to afford to repay the loan even well after the fact (why else would you have defaulted in the first place?), that negative mark will sit in your credit history for seven whole years before it disappears and finally lets your credit score start to recover.

So when it comes to evaluating Missouri Title Loans, pay attention to the APR, not just the monthly payment. High interest loans cost more than low interest loans. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; you should just be aware of what you’re getting into. In the event that you start missing payments, the debt will grow very quickly, so you should be sure that you can afford the monthly payments with room to spare.

This is where it becomes useful to understand your debt to income ratio. Your debt to income ratio should never go over 40% if you can possibly help it. This means that if you have an income of $4000 per month, you wouldn’t want all of your monthly debt payments to exceed $1600 per month.

Budgeting is an important part of bringing into your life any new monthly payment. You should understand what you pay monthly in utilities, rent/mortgage, groceries, debt costs, and other expenses. Your debt-to-income ratio will only include the debts, so it’s up to you to understand what else you pay for everything else in your life.

If, when you’ve done all of this, you still have plenty of money to spare, you can probably afford the car you’re considering without trouble. It’s important not to take on as much debt as you could possibly handle, because if a financial emergency happened, you would find yourself suddenly unable to pay. Think carefully and make the right decision. You’ll be glad you took the time and effort.

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Tech Startups: Where To Start & What's The Law Tech startups are a term applied to new business that have blossomed in recent years with the advent of technology. With the tech revolution, business has been transferred out of the hands of industrialist and factories, to the little guy with a good idea. Smart phones and personal computers have cleared the way for people to create businesses with little startup capital, with some development, a good business plan, and a great product and watch it take off.

The startup can make an app, audio equipment, headset, the options are limitless. The key to their success is that technology is developing so rapidly that new opportunities are created every day. People with proper drive and some technical know-how are able to turn an idea into a profitable business. They can do this through the following steps:


It might go without saying, but the first step in creating a tech start up is… creating the product. Without a viable product, nothing else is possible. All aspects of the product should be clear, it should be known from what materials it will be made, how expensive it is to make, where it can be made, and any possible glitches. 30% of all work involved in the startup is the product, the rest is support, sales, marketing, and everything else.

Hiring Staff

Even the most dedicated person can’t do it alone. Hiring staff should be the next step to make the idea and product a reality. Developers and marketers should be a priority. An importance should always be placed on moving forward into the future. If you only plan for today or tomorrow, you will quickly run into a dead end in development and sales. If you need a great website, then get a website developer, if you need a strong customer support staff, then hiring customer support specialist. Outsourcing might work in the beginning but an in-house team is vital for success. If you need a good legal advisor which you will, only hire a certified super lawyer as they are screened and hand selected by the most prestigious law guides in the United States.


We live in an age of information overload, and trying to gain access to it all is overwhelming. There comes a powerful shifting point when the time for action arrives. We must research which market is best for the product, but a sale can never be made if the product does not get out there. Long days and little sleep can be expected from a tech start up. A personal relationship is developed with the company, where you strive to keep it existing and flourishing.


Any tech start up can tell you the importance of networking. Professional partners need to be developed, and relationships created. Every high-tech firm looking to really grow should also have a local business startup attorney by their side. Tech conferences and trade shows should be a normal occurrence. Having people believe in your product that can vouch for it, is one of the most important steps in a successful tech startup.

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Why an Estate Agent is Best suited to Sell your House

Have you found yourself in the dilemma of whether to sell your house on the open market or sell it privately? Well, the truth is that whichever way you choose to go, you need to be adequately informed on how to maneuver through the market.

Generally, if you opt to sell your flat, house or apartment on the open market, there are plenty of reasons to consider using an estate agent.

Although you will be required to pay the estate agent fee, a good agent will be worth their weight. So why are estate agents best suited to sell your house?

  • They have good knowledge of the local market – When you entrust an estate agent with selling your house, they will leverage their knowledge of the area as well as the properties for sale within and the potential demand to not only calculate the worth of your property but also sale realistically.

In addition, they are able to substantiate why your home will sell as well as the kind of buyers that might be attracted to your property and how to promote and present the property to your target market.

  • They have a database of potential buyers – An estate agent will often have a substantial database of number of prospective buyers that have listed their criteria where their search for a buyer will begin. The advantage of this is that these buyers are usually ready to start viewing and purchase immediately since they are actively searching. Another alternative is a cash buying company who should have good ties with an estate agent.
  • They will bring in their marketing power and expertise – It is highly unlikely that there will be a better person to market your property than an estate agent. Today, estate agents are investing heavily in maximizing the potential reach of their audience hence you can be guaranteed to find the right buyer at the best possible sale price.

In most cases, your property will be advertised through the internet, for sale boards at your property, the estate agent’s local branch, mobile phone alerts as well as local and national magazines and newspapers. That is, estate agents will ensure your property is seen by the right audience.

  • They will manage and conduct viewings – If you do not have time to conduct the viewings of your house, you need not to worry as the estate agent will liaise between you and the prospective buyers to arrange viewings.

Most of the agents will be present at the viewing to sell your home to the parties that are interested and also to answer any questions that may arise. Once the viewing is done, they will contact you with an update of the viewing to give you feedback.

  • They will advise and guide – Estate agents offer advice and guidance in the event that there are problems arising during the selling process. They will guide you on the best course of action and how to overcome obstacles that may block a potential quick sale.
  • They will manage the sales process – Estate agents will often check the property chain as well as consult with solicitors to ensure everything is running smoothly towards the sale of property.

In fact, you need to realize the when you engage an estate agent to oversee the process of selling your home you are employing a company to manage the process to the extent you are comfortable with effectively taking away strains and stresses of the task.

  • They will negotiate with prospective buyer – Haggling with a prospective buyer over the price of your home can be stressful considering the emotional attachment you have towards it. Thus, an estate agent comes in handy to take charge of the negotiation process as they are well equipped to manage negotiations.
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Alibaba vs. AliExpress: What's the Difference?

During the last few years the way people doing business has changed a lot. And Asia has been a playing a leading role in this dramatic market change. Everybody has used some products made in China.

The Alibaba group is one of the biggest players in this process. When you talk about this group, one thing that usually pops up in the minds of many is to understand the difference between the two e-commerce ginats – Alibaba vs AliExpress. Yes, both of them work on different business dealings, but ironically, both are owned by the the Alibaba group. Isn’t that interesting? 

But what's the difference between Alibaba and AliExpress?

Let me first talk about the basic functionality of the both the e-commerce platforms as this would help you understand the difference in a better manner. 

As a company based in China, Alibaba.com is a popular business-to-business (B2B) site that offers a trading platform for buyers as well as sellers to exchange vital information. Most resellers and manufacturers who trade with it are those who only deal in large quantities. One the other hand, AliExpress.com is a perfect platform for small businesses that aim at sourcing smaller quantities of ready-made consumer goods. 

Now, when you have a clearer idea about these both platforms, I would like to elaborate Alibaba vs Aliexpress topic. My idea behind writing this post is to just clear some air that surrounds both these giants because they are creating headlines each day by accruing sky-high revenues. Here we go! 


When it comes to pricing, at Aliexpress you are able to see the final cost of the item which you are thinking of buying, and obviously, additional shipping cost as well. So, it’s a simple and easy online shopping process. However, Alibaba has a price range of items, and shipping cost is not so clear. You need to contact the manufacturer to negotiate prices and discuss your shopping needs. So, it’s a little complicated process, but you can purchase the products in bulk quantities and straight from the manufacturer rather than through a middleman. 

Custom Design Products 

When it comes to Alibaba vs Aliexpress, custom-design is an important aspect to consider. AliExpress offers products that are already manufactured, finding custom design products is not an option. If you are looking for such products in bulk quantity, you can easily buy it from Alibaba.com. As simple as it is! 


Surely, this is an important aspect that can’t be overlooked by buyers. Both of these e-commerce platforms are different in terms of quality and risk. AliExpress offers you what the suppliers have, thus, getting the desired quality is a little tricky task. On the contrary, Alibaba buyers can get what they desire by just having an in-depth knowledge about the products. So, the entire risk and quality game is in the hand of the buyers to a great extent. 


AliExpress has a short time-consuming order processing/production lead time, unlike Alibaba which has had a time-consuming process as it can take months to complete the entire order placing cycle – select a supplier, confirm the sample, and negotiate price. 

In short, understanding the intricacies of Alibaba vs Aliexpress requires understanding the market as well. Honestly, I think both the platforms have quite distinct working styles, so it largely depends on the customers to go for either option. Ready for shopping yet?

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Starting a Business as a Remodeling Contractor

Many people think that you can become a remodeling contractor no matter how much experience you have. And that may be true, but only when planning to remodel your own garage and build your dog a new home. However, if you’re serious about contracting, you have to know how to turn your skills into profit and make a living this way. Here are a few tips for new remodeling contractors just starting their own businesses.

Do the Work!

When starting a company, decide who’s going to do the actual work – you or someone you hire. If you want to earn more money, negotiate better conditions, have less expenses and stop depending on other people, do the job yourself. But, make sure you know how.

Being handy is vital for a contracting job and knowing absolutely everything from carpeting to fixing walls will separate you from the competition. Nevertheless, if that’s not who you are, at least learn other aspects of the job – finding the best materials, hiring trustworthy people, managing your crew and dealing with the clients.

Get Your Finances in Order

Starting a business is never easy, and it can take a while until you see some revenue. Therefore, you need to have lots of money prepared in advance and, most importantly, know how to use it. And unless you have a large trust fund or a banking account packed with numerous zeroes, you’ll probably need some kind of a loan.

Most people getting into the contracting business want a traditional bank loan which they’ll be paying off for the years and decades to come. Others, however, speak to institutions like credit unions, the SBA and even small community banks, trying to get better conditions there. Since these sources can be more sustainable, invest your time in them and get your finances in order before starting the company.

Get Licensed

You can’t do any contracting work without proper licenses and permits, from a general business license – it varies from state to state and from one type of business to the next – to several more specific ones that allow you to handle different aspects of the job. If you want to fix someone’s plumbing or electrical problems, you need a tradesman license, for example, but if you want to demolish a client’s wall, you’ll have to own a building license.

Only with proper licenses can you do everything you want as they enable you to cover all areas of the contracting business. Finally, get security bonds, business insurance and permits, and you’re good to go!

Advertise Your Business

Having a company and not being hired by clients is the same as not having a company at all – you’ve invested a lot of time, money and effort into it, and yet have nothing in return. Therefore, you have to advertise your services.

Luckily, in today’s world of online marketing, there are more and more opportunities for you, and you just have to find the most suitable way to reach clients. Some of the best home improvement contractors even have their own mobile apps that allow clients to reach them instantaneously! While they appreciate paid marketing, most contractors still prefer a more personal touch and being referred to by their clients. That’s why you should always try to make your clients happy and thus bring more attention to your business this way.

Other Considerations

These aren’t the only things you have to keep in mind when starting a remodeling business – don’t forget to purchase all the tools you’ll need, hire people you can trust and make a viable business plan. Once you complete all these steps, you’ll be on the way to the top!

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4 Business Secrets That Will Help You ‘Future Proof’ Your Workspace

When a brand new business starts its life, the talk is mostly of beginnings. There is great optimism and hope for the future. Most companies put a lot of work into things like launch events and activation experiences because they want to make a big splash.

This is an effective technique, especially considering the fact that most then have to slow down and think carefully about managing their overheads. It is a crucial step, as beginnings aren’t everything. The fate of a new company isn’t decided within the first six months.

It takes grit, determination, and plenty of tough decisions. Fortunately, this guide to future proofing your enterprise will give you some advice on where to start.

There are Negotiable Terms

You also don’t have to put up with costly lock in leases just to secure a suitable office. Serviced facilities are designed to be entirely flexible. Visit www.servcorp.com/en/executive-suites/ to find out more about the super corporate resources available in New York, Dallas, Miami, and Washington D.C. By sticking to a short-term contract, with the ability to make changes to existing services, you are retaining your flexibility. If the market shifts, you can shift to meet it.

You Can Hit the Ground Running

This is one of the most important lessons that an entrepreneur can learn. However, you’ve got to learn it early if you want to benefit. Traditionally, new companies have had to find a lot of money just to establish a brand and a base. They have to seek out individual providers for office space, broadband, receptionist services, mailboxes, boardrooms and more.

With a serviced office, this isn’t necessary. All of the things that you need to start operating as a company are provided in the form of a complete package. You can, literally, just move right into an equipped, ‘ready to go’ workspace. This means that the downtime associated with starting a new business is eliminated and profits can be a focus from day one.

Location Prejudice Can Be an Advantage

It is more common for small businesses and entrepreneurs to hit out at the prejudice inherent within the business world. This makes sense, because start-ups and flexible ventures are, generally, happier to sacrifice the trappings of corporate status for a fast, efficient business. However, long-term success cannot be sustained by a DIY office in your spare bedroom. You need to embrace the power of location prejudice and use your office address to attract attention from investors.

You Can Be Connected 24/7

If you choose to work from one of the prestigious serviced or virtual offices located across the US, your company can enjoy uninterrupted connectivity. In a country as vast as America, this is essential. Your customers, clients, and suppliers may be in different time zones and, without 24/7 access to IT support and telephone answering services, you risk poor quality communications. Most serviced office solutions include a full time receptionist as part of the monthly fee. You can rest safe in the knowledge that, no matter how calls and at what time, their message is going to make it through. 

Why ‘On Demand’ Office Services Are the Key to Success

While the future of a business is never guaranteed, there are all kinds of things that you can do mitigate risk and give yourself the best possible shot at success. The most important asset is your flexibility. Lots of companies still look at streamlining and downsizing as indications of decline, but the reality is that entrepreneurs are just wising up a new truth – the faster and leaner your company, the better it will be at traversing an unpredictable market. 

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A Guide to Enhancing the Productivity of a Small Business

The economic climate for small business (SMB) is not rosy. The failure rates of companies are high and many organizations are simply struggling to stay afloat and come up with an uninterrupted cash flow. The only way to dispel doom and gloom is to come up with a solid game plan. The million dollar question is how to take productivity to the next level and stay ahead of the curve in an arena teeming with fierce competition.

Pillars of support

The cornerstone of success is the art of planning. SMB owners have to establish sound business models, strategies, and financial projections. Conducting market research is an absolute must since you need to carve out a niche and identify the target audience. This phase gives you an answer to whether there is a space for your products and services in the market. Finally, the organizational structure must allow speed and agility of adapting to market currents and solving unexpected situations.

On an operational level, it is a good idea to give everything a deadline, even on projects that do not include a natural conclusion point. This prevents workers from postponing less-essential tasks indefinitely, but also allows them to focus on those that need immediate attention. Today, it is much easier for everyone to engage in effective time management due to digital communication novelties. For example, internal communication can now be handled with messaging applications in the league of Slack.

Tech implementation

Furthermore, project management solutions give SMBs a chance to get organized and keep everyone directed towards the set goals. Just bear in mind that tech implementation must be accompanied by other measures, and encompassed in the business culture. Without open lines of communication, proper physical space for interactions, and the positive atmosphere of collaboration, the technology falls short and its power remains underutilized.

Beyond everything else, technology should empower all aspects of your daily operations. Automation solutions allow owners and managers to streamline activities that used to be tedious time-wasters, and focus on the key duties. Also, cutting-edge machinery is nowadays employed to simplify and optimize the supply chain. This way, it is possible to adapt to changes more quickly, meet the rising demand, and cut the costs when it comes to transpiration, production, and storage.

Forces that be

A workplace has a profound effect on productivity across the board. Elements like lighting, air quality, colors, and décor impact our mood and motivation for work. That is why many companies splurge on state-of-the-art offices. So, strive to maintain optimal and healthy indoor climate with products such as HEPA air purifiers, but also by putting plants and letting fresh air and natural light in. Invest in ergonomic chairs, assemble functional workstations, consider workplace amenities, and areas for relaxation.

The final key point is that the manpower must be able to rise up to the challenges, stay on top of innovations, and harness the immense potential of technology. This is to say that employee training is of the utmost importance. So, let workers grow hand in hand with the company, and do not forget to give people a break and let them rewind every now and then. Constant multitasking and working without breaks leave you without steam pretty quickly. Many attempts of hacking the productivity ended up fizzling precisely because of this pitfall.

Shape up or ship out

Productivity and efficacy are lodestars in the business sky, yet many people have no idea of how to reach them. Well, successful entrepreneurs have already paved the way, and the recipe for success is not a matter of much dispute. Problems arise when you need to make your dreams and plans a reality. It is clear that one has to go over and above the call of duty and get more things done each day. The technology, workforce and business strategies must work to your advantage and in perfect harmony. That is the only way to gain an edge in the market and leave the competition in the dust.

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Why Your Lawyer is Your Best Bet for Finding Mentors It's common for people who're looking for mentors to try and look outside their own circle of influence. After all, it's hard to believe that millionaires and successful business people could be just one connection away. Yet that's more often than not the case. In fact, your best bet for finding mentors is usually your lawyer.

What You're Really Looking for in a Lawyer

When you're choosing a lawyer, you absolutely want to choose a lawyer that specializes in your industry.

If you're starting a restaurant, pick a lawyer that specializes in restaurants, not just small businesses.

If you're starting a solar cell research company, get a lawyer that specializes in working with the green tech industry.


In addition to getting more targeted legal advice, you also get connections.

If you're working with a green tech lawyer, that lawyer is going to know other green tech entrepreneurs, green tech VCs and green tech angels. If the lawyer trusts you and likes your idea, they'll often be able to put you in touch with some very high powered mentors.

Can Your Lawyer Help? The Best Way to Know ...

The best way to know whether or not your lawyer can help you find mentors is to ask. You can ask right upfront, even before you sign a retainer.

Let your lawyer know that you're just as interested in his connections as you are in his legal advice. Ask him if he'd be able to introduce you to people who'll move you forward in your career.

This will give you a good sign of whether or not that lawyer can help you out.

A Word on Equity Lawyers

In the world of startups, it's not uncommon for lawyers to take equity. That means instead of getting paid cash, or in addition to getting paid cash, they'll own a small portion of your company.

While this can be a relief for cash-strapped companies in the beginning, this can actually be a very expensive price to pay in the long run.

That said, you do get one thing with equity lawyers that you don't get with other lawyers. They now have a vested interest in your success.

A lawyer who you're just paying a retainer might not open their full rolodex to you. But a lawyer who owns a 3% stake in your company and believes the company will be worth many millions often will.

One Other Place to Look ...

Finally, also choose your accountant in a similar manner. Try to work with accountants who'll know potential mentors.

Never underestimate the power of connections. If you choose your lawyers and your accountants right, they can be your gateway to your future mentors.

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