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A home-based business is one of the oldest concepts in commerce. Famous entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs got their start in the garage or basement on the way to billion-dollar enterprises.

There is no doubt that one of the best strategies for building your business is to start it at home. You can reduce overhead, improve your availability, and still maintain a good work-family balance. In fact, many businesses continue to operate from the owner's home even after they have grown to be very large.

Of course, this arrangement carries some extra requirements when the business involves clients coming to your home. If you fail to manage those visits properly, you could end up with a lot of problems. Here are four things you must be sure to do when you'll be bringing clients to your home office.

Create a Professional Environment

Sometimes the line between home and office gets blurred. Toys are scattered among files, the laptop is playing cartoons, and a sleepy toddler is on the couch. It is important that the office is an office and the home is a home.

Delineating those spaces will make you more productive even when clients aren't around, and it will make you look much more qualified, professional, and focused when your customers do come to visit.

Maintain Absolute Cleanliness

Nothing turns off a client faster than a dirty or unsanitary office. Most home businesses do a good job with routine household cleaning because the space doubles as the home.

However, the little things that we often ignore at home are much more problematic when encountered by a client. A few ants or spiders are easy to overlook sometimes, so it is vital that you let Turner Pest exterminators provide regular treatment of the home.

Make Sure the Space is Safe

Once again, we can get a little lax on this sometimes. The settled sidewalk, wobbly handrail, or cluttered foyer often escape our attention in the daily routine of the home, but they are a serious safety hazard for visitors who aren't accustomed to your home's little quirks.

Everyday hazards like these must be addressed for our liability insurance to remain in force, but even if there's never a claim, it's just good business to have your home office in a safe, well-maintained condition. Every time a client is scheduled to come by, perform a quick review of things to make sure that everything is ready to go.

Choose the Right Room

Selecting and designing your home office may be harder than you expect. You may consider an unused bedroom, a leftover space in the basement, or an "outgrown" kids' room for your office. However, none of those locations is ideal for meeting with clients, especially since there is probably quite a bit of clutter in the office.

The better solution is to make a temporary expansion of your office and convert a living room into a conference room. A comfortable sofa and coffee table are much more conducive to customer interaction than a crowded desk or cluttered dining room table. Taking the conversation to an organized, casual room is an ideal technique for meeting with clients in the home office.

A home office is a great solution for striking the right mix of work time and family time. It eliminates the expense and hassle associated with operating an off-site business while still giving you enough space to perform important business functions.

When those functions include visits from clientele, you need to be prepared for their arrival. A well-organized, clean, safe, and professional home office will present a better image for you and your business, giving you the best possible shot at a positive client interaction.

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Top 7 US Cities for Entrepreneurs to Move to in 2020

Do you have a startup idea that you are ready to see realized, but feel that you are not living in the right geographic area? Everyone knows that Silicon Valley has become overpopulated and overpriced. Now, the successful trend is to move across the country to a location where your entrepreneurial dreams can come true for any business idea. You want a location that is affordable and startup friendly.

Here is a list of the top seven U.S. cities for entrepreneurs to move to in 2020.

1) Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul have a highly-educated population that will be an asset to your business. The cost of living is low, considering that the Twin Cities offers a lot of big city amenities and a healthy quality of life. Business happens here. This is the home turf of Target, Best Buy, General Mills, Cargill and Medronix. If the cold weather is detering you, know that both cities offer skyways and heated parking, so you rarely have to go outside in January, unless you decide to partake of the mirage of winter sports that keeps the locals so healthy.

2) Boulder, Colorado

Boulder has long been a favorite place to settle in, with the beauty of the Rockies, sunny days and the open atmosphere for new businesses. Boulder’s craft beer and foodie scene is as legendary as the beautiful landscape. This is an affordable place for startups to find talent and create a unique brand. This is a great location that will help businesses take root and succeed in an atmosphere of prosperity.

3) Columbus, Ohio

Columbus has one of the most robust startup and entrepreneurial environments in America. A lot of successful businesses started in Columbus and the local attitude is to help grow more. There is a large pool of talented work, as many Ohio State graduates that want to make Columbus their forever home. The cost to live here is half of the Bay Area and New York City.

4) Omaha, Nebraska

Home of Warren Buffet, Omaha and nearby Lincoln, Nebraska is nicknamed the Silicon Prairie, and for good reason. They offer a few accelerators and nearly a dozen co-ops. They have a lot of young, educated talent fresh out of college. They have a low cost of living. Best of all, there may be a few investors ready to listen to your new business idea.

5) Atlanta, Georgia

Now considered one of the top five tech cities in America, Atlanta can boast nearly a billion dollars in startup and business funding in the past decade. Plus, the thriving television and movie scene in this Georgia city is an ideal place to contact cross country movers in Atlanta. Georgia Tech is educating bright, young talent and has easy access as it is Delta's hub.

6) Austin, Texas

Austin continues to be the mecca of innovation with the annual SXSW festival. The local food and music scene is a good reason to visit, but the startup and tech scene is why you will want to grow your business here. Affordable and friendly, Austin is worth moving across the country and fulfilling your entrepreneurial dreams.

7) Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ann Arbor is reinventing itself as the place for young entrepreneurs and new startups want to thrive. Incredibly affordable, this is the place where entrepreneurs can find talent from Michigan State and let their dollars stretch further. Those businesses that may lean on the creative or quirky side may find Ann Arbor most charming. There is a thriving arts scene that could enhance the creativity of your product and your branding.

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Tips to Help You Save Time during Job Search The whole process of identifying, selecting, and choosing your preferred field is confusing and time-consuming. Adding up to those are the hectic duties like filling up forms, preparing for tests and interviews, scheduling interviews, keeping a check on replies, and others. Here are a few stunts you can put up to have a smooth sail during the job search.

Take breaks

Job searches can be very hectic and take a toll on you. However, make sure you cut yourself some slack and give enough time for refreshments and hobbies to prevent malfunction on your side. Try to optimize your energy when necessary, but also take enough breaks to eat, squeeze in some activities, and have enough rest. You need to refuel yourself and your system for the upcoming tedious job hunting. 

Have a game-plan

Applying everywhere and not researching enough will do no good. Try to figure out what plans you have, organize them according to your preferences, and systematically arrange what suits you more. Put your efforts to figure out which sector meets your parameters and achieve your ultimate goal, to get hired.


It is challenging to delegate the work related to your job search to others, but when a lone wolf dies, the pack survives. So trust the people who care about you and work together. You might not be able to get sources, or present your CV in the best manner or maybe choose which company or sector to apply to. However, your friends might be good at it, so take their help and get the job done; get the job.

Human Resource Managers

Technology, capital, natural resources, and history aren’t enough to bring prosperity to a nation. It’s the people. The human resource, in this century, has become one of the essential parameters for growth. The HR Managers handle the workforce, recruitments, references, and staff-related issues. Having rapport with a few HRMs will help get you offers in various Tech Jobs in Texas, and you are definitely going to love the work experience.

Let your phone out-smart you

There is literally nothing that our phones can’t do today. With the introduction of artificial intelligence, it knows our habits and preferences and is a friend in need. Why not use that judiciously to keep notes, prepare time-tables, schedule, and remind meetings and use applications that help tremendously during job hunting. Moreover, hi-tech modern interviews and meetings often happen through video calls, and you don’t even need to reach somewhere and sit uncomfortably in front of interviewers. Online video conferences and chat-boxes are being vehemently used by interviewers and interviewees worldwide.

Schedule and Prioritize

Often when you are applying for multiple jobs, you have to juggle between companies and dates. It is also likely that you have numerous interviews on the same day. Two ways to deal with that is either schedule interviews in a manner to have ample amount of time for both, or make a choice and prioritize something promising like Tech Jobs in Texas over the others and give your 100% to get hired there.

Becoming financially sound is the basics of adult life. You have to make decisions and choices and stand up to them. Take the help of these pointers to make sure you have some tricks to make job searches more manageable for yourself.

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To Smile, Or Not To Smile? That Is the Question! In the past, headshots were only used in the entertainment and modeling industry by celebrities, movie stars, singers, and models to promote and portray themselves. But a headshot is now also being commonly used by the corporate and business world to represent their brand for marketing.

A business headshot merges branding between the company and people who are working for them. It gives the business a personal touch and sends a message to their clients that they are professional.

For a successful headshot, one must not only hire a top-notch Business Headshot Photographer Frisco tx like Kelly Williams Photography but also prepare for the actual pose. A great Business Headshot Photographer Frisco tx will do wonders for the photo by capturing the best version and moment. But half of the work is required from the other person.

Since the face is being used as a brand image, it is important to present oneself in a way that creates an impression for the brand.   

One of the most popular questions that people ask is whether they should smile or not in their photos. It’s a simple question, and yet it requires careful evaluation. The way a person presents themselves for the headshot depends on several factors – the message, medium, and audience.

What Message Do People Wish to Get Across?

One needs to consider the message that they want people to think when they see the photo. The message needs to align with the purpose of the brand or the type of profession. A study conducted by JDP shows that professionals in the HR and recruiting field have a full, toothy smile. This is understandable since they need to look approachable. Meanwhile, a business headshot for a law firm would require the photos to look professional. This means that the person in the photo must look serious, wear a suit, and have a plain background.

Where Will the Photo be Posted?

The medium where the photo is going to be posted is also another factor that must be considered. Is it going to be posted on the company’s website? Is it for a LinkedIn account? Or will it be used for a column in a magazine that features the company’s support for a caring cause? The mood projected in the photo must also fit with the medium; otherwise, it may not attract the right type of people.

Who is the Audience?

Is the company trying to target and get across a fun and adventurous community? If that is the case, then the audience might expect a cheerful demeanor on the business headshot. Maybe the company is aiming for clients who are also serious.

Whatever demeanor a person chooses for their business headshot, they need to make sure that it matches with the audience, medium, and message they are trying to convey. It may be a safe and good idea to try getting both a smiling and non-smiling photo. This way, a person will always have a business headshot ready irrespective of the setting.     

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Reasons to Hire an Electrician Sydney A chance to fix minor structural problems at home may seem like a very tempting offer to most of you. The possibility of saving some money simply adds on to the urge to try fixing these problems with your own limited knowledge. However, it is true that there are some tasks that are best left in the hands of a professional. They not just have the necessary expertise to deal with any electrical, plumbing or other issues with your house, they have the proper tools to complete such jobs properly and fast. Add to that the fact that trying to do such jobs on your own may also prove to be too dangerous for you and your entire family.

Some Important Reasons to Hire an Electrician

There are several reasons for you to hire a professional electrician to deal with any electrical problems at home. Some vital and common reasons have been discussed below.

  • Safety: It is needless to say that working with electricity or any electrical appliance or equipment can prove to be rather dangerous if you do not practice proper caution and expertise. It is not possible for everyone to know how to fix an electrical short circuit. This is why it is always suggested to hire a professional to deal with such matters on your behalf.
  • Safety In The Future: If you do any electrical job recklessly, it may prove to be dangerous in the long run. It will not just endanger your entire house, but also your entire family. It may result in electrical fires or electric shocks.
  • Jobs Done the Right Way: When it comes to electrical jobs, it is always better to get it done the right way in the first instance itself. This is only possible if you hire someone who actually knows the job properly. If you hire a novice for the job or decide to do it on your own, you will simply end up wasting your hard-earned money and time.
  • Saves Your Own Money: If you decide to do an electrical project on your own, you may end up doing plenty of mistakes. These errors can cost your dearly. You may end up paying more for the losses than you would have paid for a professional electrician. Thus, hiring a professional will help you save your money.
  • Avoid Trying to Understand Something That Is Beyond Your Control: When you look at the wiring of your house, you will find it pretty simple. However, the truth is that it is connected to a much complex interdependent network of wires. This can often prove to make an electrical project too difficult than it appears. You will find yourself entering various other circuits and systems that you had never even imagined existed. This may end up increasing your problem and the overall cost of repairing it.

It may take some time to find a good electrician Sydney to help you. However, once you do manage to find one, you can hire him every time you need his help.

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FIND THE PERFECT OFFICE SPACE FOR RENT PHILADELPHIA Are you a business owner looking to relocate your office but can’t seem to find a good enough place? Office spaces should be able to represent your business enterprise and should be easily accessible to the clients, investors, and your employees. Depending on the type of business, you should be able to determine the location in which the office space is situated.

There are various benefits to getting an office space for rent Philadelphia such as:

  • There are fewer responsibilities that you’re required to take care of, thus making it easy for you to focus on your organization's growth.
  • You get to largely invest in various projects that will enable you to get various opportunities and increase your business sales. You should get an office space that will make sure you get to promote your products and services more efficiently.
  • The tax paperwork is minimized as you do not have to fill in so many forms as compared to when you decide to buy an office space property.
  • You get to interact with other business opportunities that are held in the same office location. This enables you to be able to network and create connections that can uplift your organization.
  • Some of the prominent locations do not have office spaces for sale, thus you’re able to get the opportunity to reach out to the target clients that are in the location.

There are various factors that you should consider while you’re choosing the right office space to rent. This makes certain that you, your staff, the investors, and your target clients are comfortable in every aspect of the business. Some of the factors include:

  • Finding the right space that will be able to accommodate your office layout. The office space should be able to hold staff training programs and departmental meetings.
  • You should consider the option of office sharing as this makes sure that you’re able to focus on team building among colleagues as they get to socially interact with each other while they are the office.
  • The building should have a great ventilation system, great lighting, security should be observed for everyone and all the properties, and the building exterior and interior should be in good condition.

At Office Finder, you would be able to receive guidance when considering getting an office space for rent Philadelphia. You should think about the number of people that the office space would be able to accommodate. The size of the company is also a determinant as the office space should be able to provide room for you to expand your business venture without making space feel overcrowded. The services of the Office Finder make sure your company can able to find space that is located at a strategic location and put out relevant terms and conditions for you to pay rent. You’re able to get conditions that are can be beneficial for you while paying rent, by working as per your budget. Getting office space for rent can be an easy task for you and it will definitely help your business in the long run.

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8 Tips For Hiring The Best Staff Member When building a business, it is vital to surround yourself with the right people. In fact, key people in your organization can make or break your business. Hiring and screening people is a tough process and one that must be done with care, forethought, and vision for the future. The wrong people hired and placed into the wrong positions can cost you valuable time, money, and resources as you seek to correct their mistakes and strengthen areas of weakness that they bring to your organization. 

Conversely, hiring the right employee pays for itself in dividends. A valuable employee adds something to your work climate, bringing in a positive attitude, a good work ethic, and an investment in the future you are building together. They know that the smallest successes compound themselves as no action is too small to make a significant difference in the health and success of your organization. 

So how can you make sure that you are hiring the right employees? Sifting through those piles of resumes and making callbacks might bring you some luck, but there are more definitive steps that you can take to ensure that you match your job duties with people that are seeking to fulfill those duties with integrity. Here are some steps that you can take to make sure you are finding those "gems": 

  1. Define the job role that you are hiring for

Knowing what a particular job entails in your organization---its duties, responsibilities, and expectations---will help you to accurately assess whether a candidate is qualified for the position or not. You will not only be able to assess an applicant's skills more efficiently, but you will be able to recruit the type of person that you truly want to fill that role in your organization. 

  1. Plan your recruiting strategy

Make sure that everyone who is currently in your organization is on the same page when it comes to recruiting new talent. Set up planning meetings, conduct interviews in small groups, and have discussions about who would best fit the roles you are trying to fill. 

  1. Use a hiring checklist

The checklists you use will allow you to build an efficient hiring system. A checklist will enable you to keep your hiring process on track and execute job fulfillment from beginning to end. 

  1. Recruit the right candidates

You can develop relationships with would-be candidates long before the hiring process even begins. Define what the ideal candidate would look like, and then make a list of the qualities you want that employee to embody in order to shape your recruiting process. Whether you are looking for one employee or an entire pool of talent, knowing what to look for will ensure that you can spot the right employee. 

  1. Review credentials and applications thoroughly

Reviewing resumes, cover letters, and letters of reference is hard work. One way to ensure that you find the right people lies in the creation of a comprehensive job description. Make a list of the most desired characteristics you need in that employee, and look for clues in job applications that the people applying have given you. Hiring people who possess your desired characteristics, and you will be adding to your organization in a productive way. 

  1. Prescreen your candidates

You don't have a lot of time to waste on nonproductive communication and interview formalities; it's time to cut down your candidate list and choose from the best. The prescreening process will save you both time and money while finding the right people for your organization. When prescreening, ask candidates about their expectations for fulfilling your job role as well as salary, benefits, and other logistics. The more you can get out of the way before the actual interview, the more efficiently you can weed through undesirable candidates and find the right matches for your organization. You may want to use pre-employment assessments like those at Berke.

  1. Ask the right questions

A job interview is a very important factor in the hiring process. It is a key tool in helping you and your valued employees find the next great hire. Asking the right questions will magnify the power of the job interview and both employer and potential employee to determine if the two of you are an appropriate fit. 

  1. Check backgrounds and references

A critical step in finding the right employee is the performance of a background check. You need to verify whether a potential employee has the necessary qualifications, skills, and associations to become a valued member of your community. Background checks must include criminal history, professional and work references, and degrees earned. In addition, letters of reference must be validated as a demonstration of integrity and trustworthiness by a potential employee. Moving forward with an individual in your organization should feel like a burden lifted, not a burden taken on. The right person will check out in every single way. 

Hiring the right people is critical to the longevity and success of your business. With trustworthy employees at your side, you share the burden of responsibility as you create a vision for the future that excites you all to move forward together. Best of luck to you in all of your business endeavors!

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How to Handle Cash Flow Problems in Your SMB If you are a small or medium-sized business owner, you’ve likely worried about cash flow at some point throughout the life of your business. Whether you run a brick-and-mortar clothing shop or you sell world-class software online, cash flow is a problem that plagues all businesses at some point or another. And there’s no shame in reaching out for help when you need it.

Running your business is important and ensuring that you have the runway to continue to operate at full capacity means that you can continue to service clients, create new opportunities for revenue, and maintain trust with your existing clients. Here is how you can handle cash flow problems in your SMB without skipping a beat.

Plan for it.

If you run a business these days, there’s really no excuse for not having a rainy-day fund. Everyone knows that the economy is unstable, albeit in steady recovery. Everyone knows that businesses have dry seasons and spells of unexpected delays in payments. And everyone knows that at any time, your customers could just up and walk away. So if we all know this, then why do we not plan for it.

A good rule of thumb is to take a small percentage of your revenue and tuck it away. This rainy-day fund is not just something your mother used to talk to you about for everyday life, but it’s also applicable in business. Having just a few thousand dollars can mean the difference between making payroll for your employees and not making payroll. It can mean being able to pay suppliers and being charged fines for late payments.

So, skim some money off your revenue starting now and put it away for when times are tough. Because times get tough when you run a business.

Have a backup plan.

Even a rainy-day fund might not be what you need if you run into some cash flow problems that last a long time. If you run a seasonal business that isn’t producing like previous years, you might find yourself trying to come up with cash quickly in order to carry on. You might do some research ahead of time so that you have some ready-made options available to you if you encounter a longer-than-expected drought of funds.

A merchant cash advance is a great option for small and medium-sized businesses looking for cash to hold you over until revenue starts to roll in again. What is a MCA you might ask? It’s money that can be made available to you through your digital merchant account provider in the event of a cash flow problem.

Unlike a loan, you don’t have to go through a lengthy application process, and besides a nominal fee, it’s cheaper than a high-interest bank loan as well. The money is directly deposited into your bank account when it is approved, and the merchant provider simply takes a percentage off every credit or debit card transaction until the advance is paid back. It’s a stress-free way for business owners to keep operating without having to go to the bank to take out a hefty loan.

Collect Receivables

Nearly every business does some work on credit, which means that you might be waiting for payments from some of your clients or customers. Depending on the industry you work in and how you invoice sales, you might be waiting months for some of your payments.

If clients owe you money and you are starting to feel the purse strings tighten, get on the phone and start looking for that money. It’s not the most graceful way to fix your cash flow problem, but it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for money that is owed to you and your company.

This is often a problem for consultants and freelancers who don’t have the stability of a big company behind them to collect accounts receivables. But if another company or client owes you money, it’s fine to collect. It’s also a good lesson in how you run your business.

There’s no need to allow someone 30 days to pay a bill when they can pay it in 7. Ask for prompt payments, schedule the way you collect money and deposit it, and stick to it. Small changes to how you send invoices, process payments, and collect funds that are owed can make a big difference to your cash flow problems. Don’t allow it to continue. For the most part, you can judge with pretty good accuracy when the slow times will come, and how much you might need to carry on in the event of a cash flow problem.

Be prepared and you won’t be left having to call friends and family to ask for money. For most small and medium-sized business owners, having to let others know that they are coming up short is worse than having to shut down entirely. It’s hard for people to talk about money, but if you believe in what you are doing and you have exhausted all of your other options, do what you have to do.

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Five Business Ideas You Should Revisit If you are on the hunt for a great business idea, it’s likely that you’ve come across some not-so-ideal business opportunities. That’s not to say that those ideas are any better or worse than other ideas, but that for one reason or another, you felt that they weren’t right for you. It happens.

Sometimes aspiring business owners don’t start out with an idea and have to sift through many options to come to a final decision. In spending so much time in the weeds, really great opportunities can look less than ideal. They get lost in the details. If you’ve already glazed over these five ideas once and feel like they aren’t for you, we’re here to tell you they are worth a second look.


Sure, it seems complicated and requires a lot of startup capital, but with the right business partners, product, and patience, you can earn a lot of money for your efforts. Whether you decide to help broker cryptocurrency, support other creators of cryptocurrency, or dabble in support services that surround the industry, there are plenty of opportunities in this fast-paced and often controversial industry. There’s money to be made and if you can get comfortable with learning as you go and can weather the storms, it might be worth revisiting.


The cannabis industry is growing at rapid rates right now, but you might be on the other side of the argument when it comes to legalization and public use. Regardless of how you personally feel about cannabis, if you are a savvy businessperson, then you know there’s no denying how lucrative this industry really is right now.

Will it last? Only time will tell, but you can certainly make a living; whether it be in support arenas, the cannabis accessories market, or helping with dispensary marketing.

Animals and Pets

At first glance, you might think there’s no money in pet care, grooming, dog walking, or selling pet food and accessories, but the pet industry, particularly the dog care industry is exploding. With more information coming to light regarding the quality of food and treats, there’s never been a better time to launch into business to make a difference in the lives of millions of animals around the world. Manufacturing might seem like a lot of work, but once you are up and running, this stuff pays for itself.


Do you wear glasses? If you do, you know how overpriced these things really are. If you are looking to start a business with a high mark-up, consider the eyewear industry. There is money to be made, lives to change, and working in fashion is a lot of fun. You get to influence trends, help people make decisions about what they will look like, and determine how much money you want to make. Eyewear experts basically write their own ticket. More and more companies are working to reduce the cost of wearing glasses, but there’s still plenty of profit to be made.

Real Estate

A lot of real estate agents start out struggling because you need to finance a lot of the upfront costs yourself, but really, how is that any different than starting any other business? Real estate is one of those industries that people love to weigh in on and have an opinion about. People think that because they have bought a home and live in it that they know a thing or two about “the market.”

But it takes real skill and interest to build a business in the real estate market. Whether you want to sell real estate, develop it, rent it, or tear it down and make parking lots, this industry isn’t going anywhere. Sure, there are dips in the economy that impact the sale of real estate, but at the end of the day, if you can manage the risks, it’s a great industry to give a second look to. After all, people need homes to live in.

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Artificial Intelligence and the New Sales Process Gone are the days when the prospecting of CRM systems and cold calling existing customers to upsell them were the primary sales tactics used to hit revenue targets. Artificial intelligence algorithms have revolutionized the entire process of lead generation. "I think the future of Lead Generation is in using sales automation to identify qualified and interested leads better," says Scott Smith, the CEO and President of Launch Leads. "Initial lead prospecting typically involves a simple script focused on achieving a basic goal, such as scheduling an appointment. These aspects make the process of initiating an AI system and teaching it your prospecting model fairly straightforward." But how do the various parts of sales automation help improve your sales results?

Artificial Intelligence

Negotiating pricing during a sale with both existing and potential clients is always a slippery slope. Sales reps can often feel pressured to offer significant discounts to ensure that a potential client doesn't pursue a better price elsewhere. Artificial intelligence, however, minimizes this pressure. AI sales automation enables a vendor to access data such as the annual revenue of a prospect's company as well as what quarter of the year they're most likely to spend — knowing what a client's size of purchases, as well as the amount they paid for them, gives sales teams greater leverage over their competitors.

AI has also become a tool for Lead Prospecting and Lead Scoring that goes well beyond the typical data found in sales software. Artificial intelligence can process significantly more information on a client than a person, including details such as their social media posts and content preferences. Inclusion of this information takes lead scoring to a whole new level.

The advantages of using AI doesn't stop with members of a sales team. One of the most complex challenges for a manager is determining of what their sales team has achieved, where clients are in the pipeline, and lead nurturing on at risk accounts.  Where this process involves retrieving and analyzing detailed data from the CRM, AI can help improve the processing of this information. Through AI's insights into a representative’s quality of work, client data, and anticipated incoming revenue, management is able to better focus their efforts, and improve its performance.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of data analysis that surpasses any prior form of sales and market research. An offshoot of AI, Machine learning enables a company to extract details about a potential buyer's past purchases from other businesses, including how much they spent. This process can provide valuable insights into possible future investments a prospect may consider. Recent research closely links access to Machine Learning technology to a sales team's long-term success. Data from Gardner shows that by 2020, 30% of B2B companies will use Machine Learning to facilitate sales


Identifying leads is how sales reps and account executives once spent the better part of an average day, even after quality, online CRM programs were in use. Millions of dollars go down the drain when sales processes are slow and involve hours of labor that Artificial Intelligence tools perform at a higher speed and with faster results. Sales automation platforms can help:

  • handle tasks that a single human being would take hours or longer to complete while yielding more meaningful results.
  • frees reps from their desks; it allows them to get out in the field for face to face meetings with clients.
  • improve your sales team's ability to arrange these meetings.
  • liberate account execs from the small but constant daily tasks that range from data entry to spreadsheet creation.

When sales reps are relieved of the responsibilities that artificial intelligence solutions are designed to deploy better, companies reap longer lasting and more profitable results from the talent they have on board.

More than Maximized Effectiveness

Data has never been more plentiful but using it to leads towards profit is proving to be more effectively handled by Artificial Intelligence than human beings. AI doesn't just maximize the effectiveness of a company's sales process. It can enable symbiotic efforts such as sales and marketing to coordinate better, and since they're both fingers of the same hand, their increased ability to integrate their separate functions into a single successful outcome is that much more possible.

About the Author

Richard Overmyer is a copywriter for Launch Leads. Richard spends time finding ways of improving customer and brand relationships throughout the entire lifetime of a product. He helps develop strategies that businesses can implement immediately for real-time results. In his spare time, he enjoys skiing, hiking, and pretty much anything that gets him active in the mountains.

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Why Businesses Should Consider Email Validators Have you taken care of your email list? Even though the majority of business owners may not have any idea about the email list hygiene, their marketing teams should.

While it seems as if nothing bad would happen if one of the email addresses is wrong, a bad email list can lead to extra expenses, ruined reputation, lost clients, and much more.

A simple email validating software can prevent your marketing team from making unfortunate mistakes and turning your campaign into an error-filled endeavor.

Why should you consider email validators? Let’s take a quick look.

1. Cutting Campaign Costs

Every time you send emails to wrong addresses, you lose money. For example, if you are expecting a 3% conversion rate from 1,000 clients you send emails to, it decreases dramatically if 10% of the addresses don’t exist.

You may be thinking you are investing your time and money into a top-notch campaign. But its efficiency decreases with each undelivered email.

According to experts at Byteplant, email validator can ensure the validity of the emails on your list, thus helping you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your campaign.

2. Maintaining a Good Reputation

Both your IP address and your domain name have a reputation. If you keep sending emails that bounce, your reputation worsens. Every time an unhappy recipient sends your email to his or her spam folder, your reputation worsens even more.

Eventually, you can get blacklisted for spamming. This could result in additional expenses, change of your email address, and many other unpleasant consequences.

Imagine having to change an email address the majority of your clients already know. It could throw your marketing campaign back considerably.

3. Improving Retention Rates

You probably know that any given business has about 60% to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer while the chances of selling to a potential one are between 5% and 20%.

Follow-up emails are highly valuable for your relationship with existing customers. They can help you lure clients back with promotions and appealing offers.

Failing to send a follow-up email often means losing the client. Are you ready to forget about a customer you’ve invested your time and money in?

You can lose the person due to such a seemingly minor problem as a typo.

4. Analyzing Your Campaign

A badly maintained email list steals highly important information from the marketing campaign analysts. You can’t have a clear picture of how well your marketing team is doing its job. Considering the amounts you are investing in the campaign, getting the wrong idea about the way it works is downright unfortunate.

In many cases, a poorly maintained email list becomes the cause of unnecessary changes in the campaign, which lead to worsened results and unnecessary expenses.

A simple piece of software, which cleans and validates your email list, can prevent a wide variety of unfortunate consequences.

5. Saving Time

The time you spend drafting a flawless marketing campaign is priceless. When you get the wrong information about the efficiency of your campaign, the time is lost.

A bad email list hygiene can result in wasted time and effort on behalf of your marketing team. The extra investments you would have to make into the campaign can be substantial.

Final Thoughts

The majority of your competitors is likely to be using email validators. If you fail to keep your email list clean, you don’t just jeopardize your reputation, lose clients, and waste money, you fall behind the competition.

Consider an email validator today to have peace of mind about your marketing campaign tomorrow.

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11 Questions You Should Ask a Business Broker Before Hiring Them Selling a business? Unless you have extensive time and resources to do it on your own, you are probably considering a business broker. These brokers can make your life easier by doing research, finding potential buyers, and getting the best offer.

However, if you want all the benefits of working with a broker, you need to spend time looking for the right one.

Top-notch brokers are rare jewels. Even if they come highly recommended, it’s up to you to conduct a smart interview in order to identify their weak spots. We’ve come up with a list of questions to ask potential business brokers in order to choose the perfect candidate.

1. Have you worked with a similar business before?

Even an ideal business broker, who has decades of experience selling bakeries and flower shops, is unlikely to help you with selling a dentist’s office or an e-commerce website.

That’s why it’s the most important question to ask. How much experience does a business broker have with businesses like yours? What type of deals did they finalize?

Top-notch brokers usually have sufficient experience with different types of businesses. Make sure yours is among them.

2. Do you have an office and where is it located?

It may sound like a strange question, but it’s an important one. Some brokers work out of home in order to save money on office rent. While there isn’t anything wrong with remote work, it’s not something you want from a broker.

Working from home often means that the broker is either just starting the business or has many other projects to deal with. And they may not have anything to do with selling companies.

Ideally, your dream broker should have an office in your area. If your broker is working from a remote location, he or she may not be familiar with the local business-selling nuances.

3. Which websites are you planning to list my business on?

One of the most important parts of your broker’s work is listing your business on the appropriate websites. A broker should have a good idea of where to find potential customers and how to make your business visible to them.

If the broker hesitates to answer your question, it may mean that they aren’t familiar with the market.

Some of the most popular websites to list your business on are:

Brokers should be able to explain why their choice of website for your listing can help you acquire a good offer fast.

4. How old is your firm?

It’s important to find out how long brokers have been in business. Even if the firm is fairly young, you can ask about the experience of particular brokers. This information should be backed by a portfolio.

While the services of a startup may be cheaper, the process of selling a business may take much longer than with experienced brokers.

5. How much do you charge?

Brokers usually charge about 10% of the final deal amount. A top-notch broker will never ask for any money up front. They only get paid when the deal is completed.

If they charge more than 10%, ask why the fee is higher than average. Sometimes it’s justified by some guarantees given in the contract.

6. How many businesses have you sold?

The answer to this question should give you an idea of how well and fast a broker is working. Remember, results for a company and an individual broker can vary. So you should be asking about the particular broker, who is assigned to you. If several brokers are working on your project, ask about them all.

Ask how many businesses a broker sells a year. This should help you understand how popular and demanded the company is.

7. Do you co-broker?

Co-brokering is an excellent way to widen the pool of buyers. Your ideal broker should be co-brokering with other individual brokers or companies. If for some reason, the broker doesn’t do it, there should be a reasonable explanation.

According to Orlando based business broker, co-brokering is a vital part of selling a business. If the company you choose doesn’t co-broker, they suggest looking elsewhere.

8. How big is your database of buyers?

By hiring a business broker, you should be getting access to a buyer’s database. Top-notch brokers should have a large database. Sometimes, brokers don’t have one at all. If a broker doesn’t have a database, it will take much longer to find a customer.

The bigger the database is, the more chances you have of selling the business quicker.

9. Are you certified?

Is the broker certified? A broker with CBI certification is bound to achieve excellent results. In order to become CBI certified, brokers should be in good standing with the International Business Broker Association, have sufficient experience, take necessary courses and pass a CBI exam.

10.   What is your closing percentage?

How many deals do brokers close? Some brokers don’t finalize all deals, and that’s ok. But what percentage do they close? Anyone with a percentage lower than 90% isn’t worth considering. Ideally, the rate should exceed 85%.

11.  How fast can you sell my business?

This is a tricky question because even the best broker can’t guarantee to sell a business within a certain amount of time. If brokers tell you that they can sell your business in two weeks or three months, it should raise a red flag. The average time of sale varies between 6 and 9 months.

The right answer to this question should be the firm’s statistics. They should tell you the average time it takes them to sell a business and show proof.


Even the best business broker may not be suitable for your needs. Be careful about interviewing potential business brokers and asking the right questions.

It may take you several weeks to find the right one. However, the effort you invest in searching for a broker is directly proportional to the quality of the deal.  

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Knowing The Difference Between Managed IT Support vs Technical Support For Your Business Increasingly, Information Technology is becoming an indispensable part of today’s business operations. IT solutions and applications are vital to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and drive revenue – and the overall success and growth of a business. Unfortunately, not all organizations have the experience and expertise to manage existing technologies. Recruiting, training, and retaining qualified IT professionals are among the topmost challenges of enterprises.

To meet their technology needs, businesses turn to IT outsourcing. With this business delivery model, businesses gain access to technical expertise, enjoy 24/7 availability of tech support, expect predictable and consumption-based pricing, and ensure efficient IT system. Considering these well-documented benefits of outsourcing, it’s not entirely surprising how it has become the second nature of IT departments, especially those with limited talent.

Over recent years, spending on IT outsourcing has risen tremendously. According to Statista, the global digital outsourcing sector was projected to be around 378.1 billion US dollars. And as businesses seek to leverage emerging digital technologies, such as AI, machine learning, and the cloud, this number is expected to grow continuously in the coming years.

If you are convinced that IT outsourcing is what your operations need, you need to decide whether to subscribe to Managed IT Support or Technical Support.

What are the differences between Managed IT Support and Technical Support?

Basically, both of these delivery models harness the benefits of outsourcing. They differ mainly on the coverage of services being offered.

Managed IT Support

In Managed IT Support, a dedicated team of IT professionals continuously helps a business run the day-to-day IT tasks, as well as, other specialized tasks a business requires.

Managed Support Providers (MSPs) are manned by experienced tech specialists. They ensure that your digital technology needs are served and that your IT goals are met. MSPs offer a range of services aimed to ensure the functionality and efficiency of your IT environment.

MSPs have unique service offerings or packages, but basically, the idea is to delegate the responsibility of maintaining an IT system to a service provider. An IT specialist from PreciseIT.tech explains that managed IT Support aims to unburden your in-house IT team, thereby, enabling them to focus on more strategic tasks and projects that will increase your bottom line.

Usually, the MSP takes over mundane tasks, such as 24/7 monitoring, systems upgrade, responding to technical glitches, and others. In some cases, the MSP assists in a specialized area, such as contact center systems, cybersecurity services, data storage solutions, back-up and disaster recovery, cloud managed services, and more. Some MSPs offer highly specialized and industry-specific IT services such as in the legal, manufacturing, financial, and healthcare sectors.

An experienced web developer from Miropoint underscores the importance of a healthy IT network, particularly in the area of cybersecurity. Even with a web solution’s innate security architecture, proactive cybersecurity measures are still essential to prevent potential breaches. With the help of a dedicated MSP, all of these loopholes can be secured.

Highly qualified engineers and specialists work closely with you to figure out the best IT solutions for your business. They offer remote support teams and dedicated account managers who are ready to respond to any of your IT questions, glitches, and concerns. For CEOs, managers and business owners, knowing that the IT aspects of your organization are fully met gives you peace of mind.

Technical Support

Technical support is another form of IT outsourcing and is more of a reactive approach towards meeting your IT needs. Unlike managed IT support where the contractor provides comprehensive IT coverage, technical support services are limited to resolving technical incidents or problems. These IT challenges can either be actual or perceived deficiencies and can result in operational issues if not addressed.

Just like managed support providers, IT support services are manned by highly trained and qualified IT professionals. Tech support is called up only when there are IT issues or when sudden IT needs crop up. Once a service call is made, Technical Support Representatives determine the trouble and resolve it as soon as possible, either remotely or on-site.

But unlike in MSPs wherein a dedicated team handles your IT environment, in technical support you don’t normally get the same professionals at each ticket. This means there will be an entirely new approach to a problem.

Some technical support providers offer specialized services, especially for large and intricate projects. In some instances, a company’s IT department is completely self-sufficient. However, in case they need to update, troubleshoot, or deploy new technologies, they call up specialized technical support to carry out these IT initiatives.

Businesses can avail of Technical Support hours to complete the project without spending too much on a full contract and without disrupting the IT department’s operations. Once the project has been completed, technical support can then be canceled.

Basically, technical support is intended for a business that requires a short-term engagement to complete specific tasks and projects. It may also be the best option for businesses that require engineering talent on an as-needed basis.

There you have it: the difference between Managed IT Services and Technical Support. It is essential for businesses to review their IT needs to know which between these two programs is most appropriate.

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Understanding the Benefits of Corporate Card Reconciliation Over the last few years, businesses have started adopting corporate cards programs to make reconciliation easy. Corporate card programs monitor T & E spending to ensure every expense is reconciled in compliance with company policies. Corporate card reconciliation programs help finance department monitor, control and reconcile expenses and make the expense reporting process easy for employees.

Corporate card programs benefits and challenges

While the corporate cards are there for a while, businesses started adapting to those recently. Some of the key reasons to adapt to these programs are as follows:

  • Eliminate paper-based processes
  • Integrate spend data with the accounting system
  • Monitor policy compliance
  • Negotiate vendor discounts

The IRS has set-up some guidelines around audit requirements for T & E expense to which a business should comply:

  • Receipts are mandatory for business transactions above $75
  • Record all the transactions
  • Report business transactions within 60 days

While corporate card programs help companies tackle a plethora of challenges, it also comes with new challenges. Companies have to deal with various scenarios such as:

Employees make personal expenses on corporate cards – Admin should understand this and account for this.

Missed receipts –Employees don’t take it seriously about holding receipts when spending.

Organizations have multiple card programs for various offices – and the data needs to be pulled and managed under one roof. Normally, more than one employee uses the same card for corporate expenses, which brings inconsistencies in T & E reporting and analytics.

These operational inefficiencies make the finance department lost between transactions and receipts. The impact will be seen in reconciliation, which gets translated into poor compliance. While some problems can’t be corrected by software, a lot of them can be handled with the right software with the right features.

Expense Reconciliation

Reconciling corporate card transactions involve:

Recording all card transactions including date, merchant, amount and the employee:

  • Assigning transactions to employees
  • Matching transactions with expense receipts
  • Handling policy violations on card transactions
  • Processing corporate card payments

Receiving Transaction Records

Expense report solution allows organizations to get corporate card transactions in two ways:

Corporate Card Feeds

Direct feeds can be obtained from corporate cards providers – American Express, Visa, Mastercard and more without any third-party integration. The feeds are directly pushed to the expense solution for payment processing.

Manual Statement Upload

If direct feeds can’t be configured, you can directly enter the expenses into reporting solution. Configure the entries with the form fields and the next time you do this, all the expenses can be imported into the application directly.The automated solution should enable you to manage expenses across multiple banks, or card programs.

Assigning Transactions

Once transactions are recorded in the expense software, one can easily assign transactions to employees. This is required for accounting employee-wise spend and reconciliation. The solution allows you to assign a card to a user or to select specific transactions and assign to particular employees. If the transaction is incorrectly assigned, administrators can re-assign the transactions to other employees.

Matching Receipts with Transactions

Transactions need to be supported with a receipt and the context. While other details such as payment mode, merchant, amount and date are pulled from bank for accuracy. Besides these, there are other features that make receipt management easier:

Expense entry is made before the transaction in imported

When transactions are imported, our expense report software suggests possible matches in card transactions for the expense entries.

Transactions are imported prior to the expense or receipt entry. Admins will assign the transaction to the employee and the employee will be notified by the solution to add receipts with other expense entries to support the transactions.

Policy Violations

Policy violations can be automatically detected and processed by expense software and highlighted to the administrator. Administrators can define business rules to accept, reject or change expense claims as per the company policies.

Processing Corporate Card Payments

Corporate card transactions are directly taken from the company’s credit card account, so the expenses are to be matched with receipts for audit and compliance. However, administrators can see different transactions such as personal expenses, and reversed transactions on corporate cards. If the transaction is marked as reversed, users are required to point towards the reversed transaction entry. These kind of transactions should be supported with receipts and expense entries. If the transaction is marked as personal, the amount will be considered as advance disbursement and the amount gets deducted from the employee’s payroll. All the approved records will be transferred to the accounting software for processing payments.

As corporate card programs getting popular and business expenses are increasing, choosing SutiExpense incorporating all the features can help you support the organization’s expense management process.

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7 Reasons Why Property Investment Never Goes Out Of Style More and more investors are turning their attention toward real estate this year 2019. The real question would be “Why?” Truly, real estate is considered as a great investment for a great number of reasons. A high rate of returns and great tax advantages – these are just some of those reasons.

Financial security is probably one of the huge determining factors as to why an individual would invest or not invest in the real estate market. First-time investors would initially feel fear as to losing a lot of money by investing in one thing – real estate. However, this is actually one of the many misconceptions about property investment. When you invest in the real estate market, you are actually putting your eggs in several baskets. This is an example of a high-risk strategy that most people will not want to be a part of. Nonetheless, this article will provide you several low-risk strategies that may be of use to you.

Moreover, if you are undecided whether or not real estate is actually a good investment, here are 7 facts that might change your mind:

Mortgage Interest Rates Are Low – Again!

A few years back, the mortgage rates were extremely low resulting in a frenzy where a lot of people were investing in properties and buying houses. Some of these investors ended up with a lot of money; however, they were too greedy and borrowed against their earnings. This was actually one of the many reasons why the real estate market took a huge downturn. Nonetheless, property investment is slowly on the rise. You need to take this opportunity and invest in real estate.

Property Investment is Powerful and Stable

Stability is a major determining factor when investing in something. As explained, the last economic years were tough on the real estate market. This has taught investors to look for assets that are not only powerful but also stable.

When we say “powerful,” we are pertaining to investments that act as a hedge against the rise of market prices. It should have the capacity to grow at an amazing rate. Stability, on the other hand, pertains to the steady growth in value of a particular investment.

Real estate is a great example of a powerful and stable investment. Despite the almost collapse of the real estate market a few years back, property investment never really went away. In addition, it does not have any major fluctuations in value.

Property Investments Provide Better Returns than the Stock Market

This is an important point because by investing in real estate, the only risk of loss you have is minimized only by the amount of time you hold on to a property. If the market improves, your property investment improves. The risk never changes whereas the stock market presents several factors and risks that are beyond your control. A property is a tangible asset that you can easily leverage to capitalize on a number of ways.

High Volume on Recent Foreclosures

In an article by Money Crashers, there are several former homeowners that have been displaced due to foreclosure. Foreclosure happens for many different reasons, some of which include – losing a job and the ability to make ends meet, piling medical bills due to a health crisis, and others incur the mistake of buying too many houses. Nonetheless, when a foreclosure happens, the market is reopened for more investments. This is a great way for investors to purchase rental properties without having the burden of paying any mortgage.

Property Investment is a Low-Risk Investment

For those investors who are not risk-takers, property investment can be a great starting point. Investing in real estate will not expose you to the market’s fluctuations and volatility. Of course, there will always be risk involved in any form of investment; however, with property investment, you can have a higher chance of getting a return and a lower chance of incurring a loss.

In addition, the risks involved in real estate can easily be managed and mitigated. There are a lot of tried-and-tested strategies that can be helpful for first-time property investors. Buy-to-let property investments are the least susceptible to any fickle investor sentiment.

Property Values will Increase Over Time

One of the major reasons why people are starting to invest more in real estate is that property values will always increase over time. This has already been proven in history that the longer you hold onto a real estate, the more money you will earn. Truly, the housing market has always recovered from any past bubbles. Lucky for those who have held on to their investments as appreciation is back and prices are returning to a steady pace. As a result, investors in real estate are enjoying a windfall.

A Higher Preference for Landlords

Another reason why you should invest in the real estate market is that tenants prefer landlords as opposed to property management companies. This is because there is a sense of security that only your landlord has the key to your house. Others even feel the need to buy the house through a lease-purchase or lease with option to buy contract.

If you are focused on having a short-term investment strategy, you can easily search for properties at a low price at raineandhorne.com.au. If this is your strategy, you can opt for a lease with option arrangement or a lease-purchase agreement with your tenant.

If you decide to invest in something, always look for the same characteristics as the above-mentioned. The truth is that there will always be strong economic indicators that the real estate market will see growth and positive repercussions – especially this year 2019.

It has been reported by Stern Team that the year 2019 will open a lot of doors to those who want to buy and sell properties. The pattern would be to sell houses, buy houses, and acquire mortgage loans. If last year was a good year for several real estate investors, it’s highly plausible that this positive trend will be carried out to 2019.

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5 Ways Businesses Can Easily Be More Green We all have the responsibility to help our environment whether that is reducing our plastic waste or deciding to use alternative energy suppliers. Everything that you can do, even if it’s just little, can have a major impact on the environment and it’s needed now more than ever – waste has increased by a huge amount and it’s only getting worse. That said, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. As a business, you can easily be greener and it won’t have affected your company in any way apart from being more beneficial for the planet. Here are 5 ways your business can easily be greener.

  1. Recycled Office Furniture

Start by buying recycled furniture rather than brand new. Not only is this cost-efficient, but it also means you are reducing waste. By buying second-hand furniture, you’re using something that would otherwise be thrown away. Like the idea, but not sure where to start? Companies like Coggin Group provide recycled furniture which is in a good condition and is sold at an affordable price, so not only are you already getting great pieces for half of the usual price, but you’re also reducing the amount of waste on our planet.

  1. Office Supplies

One of the best ways to be greener is by reducing any paper waste, but as any company would know, this is easier said than done simply because we still have to send out mail, despite the fact that we live in a digital society. If this is the case, you can make a start by using re-usable envelopes which means that the recipient can use the same envelope to reply if needed. This will, not only save money but reduces waste. You can also buy eco-friendly paper which has been recycled to reduce waste.

  1. Use A Green Energy Supplier

Start powering your office with renewable energy sources. This includes solar power, hydropower and wind power. This is becoming a lot more common these days and is one of the best ways to help the environment despite them being a little bit more pricey than standard energy suppliers. Also, start using LED lights – while these do cost a little bit more, they last a lot longer and use a lot less energy than standard bulbs.

  1. Cleaning

Even with cleaning supplies, you can be greener. If you happen to purchase your own, make sure you buy ones which are environmentally-friendly i.e. they are non-toxic, biodegradable products. If you have a cleaner who has their own products, ask if they use eco-friendly supplies and whether they can, if not. These are not expensive, it just means they don’t carry any toxic chemicals and harm the planet. Better yet, by using green supplies, it means you won’t have that intense chemical smell when cleaning.

  1. Recycle

The most important thing to remember is to always recycle. These days you can recycle almost anything whether that’s cardboard, paper, light bulbs or plastic. Make sure your office has two bins (one for recycling) so that there is an option and try encouraging your staff to recycle as well. By doing so, you’re drastically reducing the amount of wastage and contributing less to landfills.

By following these simple steps, you can not only reduce your costs in the long run, but you are making your business greener and therefore, helping save the planet. While it may seem difficult, at first, to incorporate all of these steps within your company, you can start by just doing a couple because anything will help. Better yet, it might make your business more attractive to clients and consumers! 

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7 lessons you can learn from investing in property Investing in real estate comes with its own share of financial lessons. While you should do your due diligence before you get into property investments, there's always something new to learn when working in real estate. Whether you're still thinking about starting investing or you've already gotten your feet wet, here are seven lessons you'll learn after investing in real estate:

1. You'll See That Investments Are Never a "Sure Thing"

Though you should have a fair amount of confidence before making your investments, there is no way to guarantee they will become successful. The reality of real estate investments is that the surer you are that they will succeed, the greater the chance is that the investment will fail.

There is always risk involved when making an investment, especially in real estate. Always make your decisions while taking these risks into account. By preparing and planning with these risks in mind, you will be able to handle the impact of any potential failure.

2. You'll Learn What Your Limit Is

Some people get into real estate investment with the idea that they will be able to turn a quick profit. This is the case with many people that try to flip houses. However, this is far from the truth. If you're not careful, you'll find yourself sinking more and more money into your investment with no really idea of when or if the investment will be profitable.

For this reason, it's important to have a limit in place to prevent you from overloading into a single investment. This is true for flipping houses and is true in other aspects of real estate investment. Only invest in what you can afford to and stop when things are no longer beneficial for you.

3. You'll Figure Out How to Spot Scams

Real estate investment can make you some serious money, but the industry is also filled with a lot of scammers. Most scammers like to advertise real estate investment opportunities that make you quick money with little to no effort. These real estate investment scammers try to get you to buy into their business by paying for a seminar, buying their products, or agreeing to invest in one of their property deals.

To ensure that you'll never fall for these scams, do your research. Always find out as much information about any deal and any person that wants to work with you. If you don't feel good about a deal, it's best to walk away from it.

4. You'll Discover How to Find the Best Deals

The most profitable real estate deals aren't easy to find. Oftentimes, the good deals are the ones that you create or discover yourself. This is due to the fact that every other investor is searching for a quick bargain, so going for the same type of properties that other investors choose won't get you the deal you are hoping for.

To really find a bargain, you'll have to hunt for it. Start your search in unusual areas to look for deals that are overlooked by everyone else.

5. You'll Learn the Importance of Having Capital

There are a lot of things to consider when getting into real estate investment. However, of all these things, the most important is whether or not you have enough capital to make your investing goals a reality. Cash flow is the single most critical aspect of your real estate investment.

Once you invest in a property, you'll have more than this initial lump sum to consider. You need to be able to cover monthly costs, property taxes, utilities, unexpected expenses, and the like. Don't hesitate to consult with Brisbane Buyers Agent PumpedonProperty to help you through the process. If you don't have enough cash flow prior to beginning your investment journey, you'll end up in financial ruin.

6. You'll Find the Right Real Estate Niche for You

When beginning your real estate investment journey, don't start buying random houses. Choose a real estate niche that speaks to you and stick to it. While each niche has its own pros and cons, choosing the right one for you will make your investment more profitable.

You can specialize your investment by property type, the seller demographic, the profile of the end-user, or the kind of location. For example, if you've always been interested in becoming a landlord, you'll want to stick to small or large apartment buildings. This will allow you to dedicate your resources to what you truly want to focus on.

7. You'll Embrace The Abundance Mindset

There's no doubt that there are thousands of people on the hunt for the newest real estate deal. Anyone that is new to the game may wonder if they should even bother entering the arena if it is already so saturated. However, this saturation is exactly why you should throw your hat in the ring.

Though there are so many investors already, there are also an endless amount of potential investments waiting for the right investor. Instead of having the scarcity mindset that promotes the idea that there are limited investment opportunities, it's time to embrace the abundance mindset. Instead of taking what you can, when you can, only make investments that you're really connected to.

Instead of trying to beat out the competition by snagging up a deal as quickly as possible, make careful and calculated decisions. Do your research, keep tabs on the market, and only make a move when you are truly ready.

There is so much you can learn about real estate investment, but the most important lessons are learned through the investing experience itself. Keep this guide in mind as you start to navigate the world of real estate investment.

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5 Perks in Moving and Living In Vibrant Australia Moving to another country is always an exciting affair for many people. This explains why a considerable number of people are always applying for various legal documents so that they can be allowed to move and live in a different country. However, not all countries around the world are good to settle. Some countries pose serious security threats to an individual while others are not conducive. Most of the developing countries around the world lack the necessary infrastructure that would make them attractive to foreigners, especially from developed countries.

Although it is interesting to move into different countries for work and even settlement, not all people have bought into the idea of moving. Some have a perception that their country is better than any other country around the world. Others have horrifying experiences in other countries, which explains why they don’t like moving. However, moving to Australia provides huge benefits as compared to moving to other countries around the world. Some of the benefits and advantages that you will enjoy by moving and living in the southern country have been discussed below.

  1. Multicultural Society

The culture of a particular country is always a determining factor for many people when they want to move to a different country. People don’t like moving in a restricted society that has a single cultural perspective. Culture can sometimes be complicated which can hinder a person’s religion, the way of life, food, and even the way one relates with other individuals in the neighborhood. This explains why it is challenging for some people to move and settle in other countries around the world.

However, Australia is a diverse country with people from different cultures around the world. Statistics from the department of immigration indicate that Australia hosts individuals from more than one hundred countries around the world. Therefore, the culture of the southern country has been adjusted to accept any person from any other country. Any person can quickly get different food in urban areas. Moreover, people observe the religion of choice, which is one of the most important cultural aspects in the lives of people.

  1. Great Climate

The prevailing climatic conditions of a country also play a huge role in determining which country an individual is willing to move and settle. Most of the people are trying to move to a different country because the climate in their home country is not accommodating. It is possible to find a country that has very short summer periods but extended harsh winter period, which is devastating to both young and old. A pleasant climate means that people can live comfortably and undertake their daily routines without difficulties.

Australia might not be located within the tropics, but it supports unique climatic conditions that are hard to find in other countries. It is blessed with the four regular seasons, autumn, summer, spring, and winter. However, its seasons are not as extreme as those experienced in the United States and Europe. Summers are relatively hot and glorious. Golden leaves and rolling mists characterize the autumns. Spring is the most favorable season with natural scenery and fresh air. Winter, which is considered to be extreme in other parts of the world is mild and very accommodating.

  1. Safe Country

The world seems to be experiencing extreme security reasons some of which have gone out of control. Some countries are fighting unending terrorist wars that have been there for several decades. Apparently, most of the western countries are terrorist targets while African countries having their share of terrorism and tribal conflicts. Other advanced societies are trying to control gun violence and other security issues. The lifespan of living in some countries has been significantly reduced due to security concerns.

Australia ranks as one of the safest countries in the world. Most of the cities, more than ten, rank among the safest cities to live around the world. It is very safe to live and work in the cities without fear. The government of Australia has not reported an act of terrorism for a longer period. Gun violence, which seems to characterize developed countries, is not an issue of concern as very few people are licensed private gun holders. It is also very safe to live in the countryside part of Australia.

  1. Low Population Density

One of the reasons as to why most of the people are trying to move and settle in another country is due to high population density in their home nation. Some countries are very small, but they have a considerable population. This means that there is limited living space, which brings enormous congestion both in roads and in the cities. There is also extreme competition for available resources such as land, water, and job opportunities. It is also hard to access social services such as medication in countries with very high population.

Australia ranks among the largest countries around the world with an estimated land mass area of 7, 500,000 km squared. There is also a little population of 24 million people, according to the current statistics. This means that population density is about 6 people per square mile. From this information, it is clear that Australia is one of the least crowded cities in the world with a vast area for leisure parks, ranch, conservation, and agricultural production. This explains why a significant number of people are consulting Immigration AIA Perth for assistance as they want to settle in a country with low population density and where they can access services with ease.

  1. Technological Advancement

Like other developed countries around the world, Australia prides itself as a country that has incorporated technology in almost all areas. There is sufficient internet connectivity in nearly all parts of the country. It is easy and efficient to order goods through e-commerce platforms and other online shops. Most of the cities are very modern, and they have all the necessary amenities and infrastructure that would make it easier and conducive for individuals to live. Transportation of people and goods is more comfortable and very efficient due to the extensive railway network that has tubes and other high-speed trains.

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5 Easy Marketing Tools to Promote Your Online Business Of course, every enterprise wants to put its services and products in front of its current and potential customers. Unfortunately, traditional ways of promoting businesses are costly, and not everyone can afford to buy TV adds immediately after unveiling a new venture. However, aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t worry anymore as there are several ways they can promote their investments without breaking the bank. While these marketing ideas are free, some require a business owner to invest a lot of time.

Leverage YouTube

Research has revealed that marketers upload over 4 billion on YouTube every day, and the numbers seem to be rising every day. As such, it makes sense for a marketer to upload a video or presentation about their product or service on YouTube. Interestingly, these videos will increase the visibility of a brand and ensure it appears on search engines. However, investors might need to determine the product or service to render before uploading videos on YouTube. A testimonial by a client works well for service while a two-minute demo can be excellent for a product. YouTube offers its users a myriad of tools to trim their video, add music or narration, and edit their uploaded videos. However, marketing agencies such as Sketch Corp might need to incorporate the name of their product or service or any related keyword to the description and title of the video. Once a marketer has uploaded several videos, they can create a channel and use it to showcase their product tutorials. With exciting and relevant content, a marketer is likely to hit the jackpot, and as a result, leads will flood their inbox.

Attend Expos and Networking Events

Networking events and expos are excellent places for marketers to meet new customers and extend their network. You can leverage search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find out the upcoming events in your city. Take advantage of these expos and conferences as most of them are free and attract consultants, resellers, and distributors as well as customers. Marketers will slowly realize that other professionals attend these occasions to meet other people, where some can convert to loyal customers. Alternatively, take advantage of sites such as Meetup.com, as this is where most startup owners and entrepreneurs frequently meet. It is wise to attend as many of these meetups as possible, as this is the place marketers will come across open-minded professionals that are open to partnership and new ideas. Marketers will be surprised to see the value that these events come with, so it’s crucial to attend them regularly.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Businesses can gain a lot from harnessing the power of social networking platforms. Harnessing the power of social media is as simple as creating profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Social networking platforms not only help marketers attract more customers and get quality feedback about their services and products. For example, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts alone amounts to 20% of traffic that most enterprises generate. However, frequency of posts and tweets is critical to the success of social media marketing efforts. A company that tweets and posts frequently will gain popularity and attract loyal subscribers that might turn into customers later. You can also take advantage of these platforms to share news related to the industry and business updates. Experts recommend marketers to tweet at least 3 to 4 times a day and post twice a week on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Optimize Your Website

The first thing that today’s tech-savvy generation do when one wants to buy an item is to search it online. Of course, buyers want to gather as much information as possible about a service or product before searching for potential suppliers. Virtually, a company doesn’t exist if its website isn’t appearing on search results such as Yahoo and Google. However, hiring a professional to optimize a website for search results can help an enterprise fix this. However, the owner of a website still needs to familiarize themselves with the optimization process to avoid penalties from Google.

List Your Products on Local Business Listing

Search results are making search personal, and marketers can now get displays that are tailored to their location. That means Google map will display a MacDonald near you when you search online. As such, it has become almost mandatory for marketers to list their brands on the local business listing. Managing and adding a location on Google Map has never been easy than with local business listing. Marketers can use the same place to manage their Google Plus profile. Marketers with a physical shop have an option to give details about their venture and add the location of their offices.

Take Advantage of Business Directories

Business directories are the right place for buyers to find reliable vendors. Adding a free listing on platforms such as Yellow Pages can be a game-changer for an enterprise that deals with B2B products. In contrast, businesses that deal with their customers directly can list their products on platforms such as Ask Me, Just Dial and Get It. With these services, marketers will be amazed to see how mobile apps are useful in generating massive traffic. Services can as well be listed on these platforms for free. However, there are specific directories for vendors of software in categories such as ERP, CRM, and HR.

Offer Groupon Deals

Millions of users flood in the portals of sites that offer deals on Groupon. With a mouthwatering deal, marketers can be sure to attract millions of buyers at no cost. You need to sign up with a site that offers deals on Groupon and agree on a discount and commission percentage that the company will take. After determining the terms of the agreement, the company will promote your products and services on your behalf. Every successful brand out there offers discount to retain its customers and stay ahead of the curve. Enterprises running on a shoestring budget can leverage these tools to promote their products and services at a lower cost.

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Ways You Can Land Up With A Job On Instagram And Establish A Proven Career As per the report and survey from eMarketer.com, by the end of 2018, there is going to be 100 million Instagram US base users. From some of the real people like you to some of the brands and companies, everyone will be part of this session. There are various big companies like AT&T, who are actually turning to this social media for promoting their cultures and even their open jobs. Now, the main question is whether people actually are using it or not. Are they actually using it to get any job done? With Instagram by your side, you can always respond with one resounding yes to the question.  With more than 800 million active users and the numbers are counting, IG users will always prove their love towards this platform.

Lucky enough for you:

Fortunately, most of the job searchers are not actually using Instagram for finding a job. This is probably good news. There are so many recruiters and companies out there that might want to hire you for your skills. Recently, a post at Classy Career Girl stated that they hired an intern known to be quite interactive with them on social media, mainly Instagram. She is well-aware of her stuff so the company offered her internship for a year after checking how much she has interacted with the company, shared their articles and mission with her followers as well. So, it can be pretty much stated that people are getting hired on IG and on a daily basis, surely.

Steps to get yourself a job:

Is this your very first attempt in getting a job through Instagram? If so, then you are not quite sure of the options you have to follow for the same. Therefore, you can try out some of the best steps from Gramblast to get yourself a job on Instagram. These points are already proven to be the best in this lot and you can try it out on your own to believe its values more.

Have to start by creating a professional Instagram account first:

First of all, there is no other way but to create an account first. In case, you already have an account and you have some photos, which are not that suitable for the employers or the recruiters to see, it is always recommended that you create a second account under your name. In this way, you do not have to worry about any of your embarrassing photos and can keep your profile professional and classy as you have asked for it. It is quite easy to have two separate accounts because of the recent changes IG made. You need to click on settings and check on “add account” option. You can quickly go between professional and personal account while posting content.

  • There are some other ideas for you to consider. The first option is first name last name. If this is not available anymore, you can always do first name_last name.
  • For the second option, you can go for the basic of “your profession and name.”
  • The third option is also rather simple for you to follow. That is going to be your brand name, which is the classic and basic of them all.

Work your way out for creating professional bio:

For the next step, you have to create short and compelling bio about who you actually are and the type of work you plan to do. In case, you have any professional account and also searching for job, it is always recommended that you have to add that you are in the lookout for a job. A proper and good promising tip over here is to use the LinkedIn summary for the one on IG as well. The best part is that the bio link can be directly added to the LinkedIn page or even on the blog or online profile, in case you have one.

Make sure to create content to be shared:

It is in this regard where you have to set yourself apart and really start using Instagram for getting a job. If you want, you can always create your IG resume. You have to be sure that the top 6 photos are always related to your career because the people of your companies will be checking out profiles if you are planning to interact them on the IG platform. There are some ideas of pictures, which you can try to post on your IG account.

  • You can try adding some of the motivational quotes or texts. You can even place some advices that you have about your current industry in the quote images. You can further check out Wordswag application for easy way of performing this option.
  • You can place some videos of just demonstrating the items right on your resume. You can even add videos of some other people saying how amazing you are as a person to work with.
  • You can share photos of you working, photos of the firms you have already worked with and photos of you at events and conferences. It will add that sense of professionalism to your profile and you can work out on that. You can add photos of you accomplishing goals and even dreams in personal life like running marathon and more.

These are some of the kinds of photos to be used in your account and things will turn to work out pretty well for you. In no time, you can grow your business to a completely new level.

Follow some targeted companies and expand network:

Mist list of all the companies where you are planning to apply for or companies you hope to work in future. Then you need to follow them. You can easily Google the name of the company with Instagram. The firm’s IG page will be the first result. Or you can just use the search box in the IG app for the company’s page.

Following these points will surely help you to land a job on IG. So, establishing a positive career is not a big deal anymore!

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