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Artificial Intelligence and the New Sales Process

Gone are the days when the prospecting of CRM systems and cold calling existing customers to upsell them were the primary sales tactics used to hit revenue targets. Artificial intelligence algorithms have revolutionized the entire process of lead generation. "I think the future of Lead Generation is in using sales automation to identify qualified and interested leads better," says Scott Smith, the CEO and President of Launch Leads.... [Continue Reading]

Why Businesses Should Consider Email Validators

Have you taken care of your email list? Even though the majority of business owners may not have any idea about the email list hygiene, their marketing teams should. While it seems as if nothing bad would happen if one of the email addresses is wrong, a bad email list can lead to extra expenses, ruined reputation, lost clients, and much more. A simple email validating software can prevent your marketing team from making unfortunate... [Continue Reading]

11 Questions You Should Ask a Business Broker Before Hiring Them

Selling a business? Unless you have extensive time and resources to do it on your own, you are probably considering a business broker. These brokers can make your life easier by doing research, finding potential buyers, and getting the best offer. However, if you want all the benefits of working with a broker, you need to spend time looking for the right one. Top-notch brokers are rare jewels. Even if they come highly recommended,... [Continue Reading]

Knowing The Difference Between Managed IT Support vs Technical Support For Your Business

Increasingly, Information Technology is becoming an indispensable part of today’s business operations. IT solutions and applications are vital to improve productivity, increase efficiency, and drive revenue – and the overall success and growth of a business. Unfortunately, not all organizations have the experience and expertise to manage existing technologies. Recruiting, training, and retaining qualified IT professionals... [Continue Reading]

Understanding the Benefits of Corporate Card Reconciliation

Over the last few years, businesses have started adopting corporate cards programs to make reconciliation easy. Corporate card programs monitor T & E spending to ensure every expense is reconciled in compliance with company policies. Corporate card reconciliation programs help finance department monitor, control and reconcile expenses and make the expense reporting process easy for employees. Corporate card programs benefits and... [Continue Reading]

7 Reasons Why Property Investment Never Goes Out Of Style

More and more investors are turning their attention toward real estate this year 2019. The real question would be “Why?” Truly, real estate is considered as a great investment for a great number of reasons. A high rate of returns and great tax advantages – these are just some of those reasons. Financial security is probably one of the huge determining factors as to why an individual would invest or not invest in the... [Continue Reading]

5 Ways Businesses Can Easily Be More Green

We all have the responsibility to help our environment whether that is reducing our plastic waste or deciding to use alternative energy suppliers. Everything that you can do, even if it’s just little, can have a major impact on the environment and it’s needed now more than ever – waste has increased by a huge amount and it’s only getting worse. That said, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. As... [Continue Reading]