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Are you in the right business?

If you have just started out with your home business or even if you are a home business veteran, there is ONLY one very important reason that will determine your

failure or success…

If you are in the right business you CANNOT fail.

Which is the right business for you?

This depends on several things, but the first and MOST important thing you have to ask yourself about your home business is:

Would you recommend the product or service your business offers to a friend or relative?

What would you say if they ask you about it?

Would you tell them that it is a valuable product they can use, in case, of course, they need products of this kind?


you would just tell them that it’s totally worthless, but the payplan is great…and you are in this business just to make money?

Think about it, and if the answer to the last question is YES, then you are definately in the WRONG business.

In other words, if the product your home business offers is not something you would recommend to a relative, a friend and/or any other person you care about, then it
is NOT the right product to sell or promote.

Instead, if the answer is NO, is that enough?

No, there are more things you have to know to be sure that you are in the RIGHT business.