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We Need to Talk About Instagram for Your Business. It's a Game-Changer

Instagram has become a force to be reckoned with. Millions of people all over the world turn to it every day to either be entertained or switch their brand loyalty.

As of 2022, Instagram boasts an impressive 1.4 billion people.

In this post, I will go over 3 fire sure ways to convert more people over to your business through Instagram.

1-Question your current customers

Polls, quizzes, and every other form of data gathering technique have been useful in many areas of business development, this does not change with Instagram.

A surefire way to do this is to ask your current mailing list if they are on Instagram.

You can include a survey link with your next outgoing email campaign. In this your survey ask some of the following questions:

Are you currently on Instagram?

What channels normally attract your attention?

with this question, make sure to offer some options as far as Instagram channels. Pay attention to your client demographic for this.

If you sell lawnmowers, for example, offer a couple of Instagram channel options for this. Also, offer the infamous "other" options so they can fill in the info themselves.

2 good options for surveying your customers can be Typeform or SurveyMonkey.

2-Run comparison calculations between the audience you want to reach and Instagram's audience

For this one, it's good to dive a little deeper and look at things like age, geographical location, income, etc.

When looking at the above stats, the goal is to figure out if Instagram is worth the time invested on your end when compared to other social media platforms.

What I mean is this, if your target audience consisting of 50-65-year-olds based out of Florida does not go on Instagram, it will be a waste of time and advertising effort for you to stay on Instagram.

A great place to compare statistics we recently found is

Once you determine that Instagram is in fact where you want to expand to, go to the next step.

3-Take a look at your competition

Yep, that's right. Where does your competition spend their social ad money?

Your competitor's customers can definitely become your customers. How do you check what your competitors are doing?

1-Search for a competitor in Google.

2-Go on their website

3-Search for their social media links(normally found on their homepage)

4-If Instagram is part of the button list above, click on it, then go on Instagram and see how many subscribers they have.

5-Repeat the above steps for at least 10 of your competitors.

To really get a grasp of the above numbers, try and check 100 of your competitors and their Instagram subscribers. An easy way to do this is by hiring someone from

You can pay someone at Upwork as little as 4 bucks an hour to scour the internet, and fill out a google excel sheet with the premade criteria to search for on each website.

Final thoughts

As with everything worthwhile, taking on Instagram advertising will take time and effort.

The above strategies will help only if actually done. Till next time!

About the Author

Pablo Espinal is a father, online marketer, and web designer based out of the Brooklyn NY area.
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