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Why Businesses Should Consider Email Validators

Have you taken care of your email list? Even though the majority of business owners may not have any idea about the email list hygiene, their marketing teams should.

While it seems as if nothing bad would happen if one of the email addresses is wrong, a bad email list can lead to extra expenses, ruined reputation, lost clients, and much more.

A simple email validating software can prevent your marketing team from making unfortunate mistakes and turning your campaign into an error-filled endeavor.

Why should you consider email validators? Let’s take a quick look.

1. Cutting Campaign Costs

Every time you send emails to wrong addresses, you lose money. For example, if you are expecting a 3% conversion rate from 1,000 clients you send emails to, it decreases dramatically if 10% of the addresses don’t exist.

You may be thinking you are investing your time and money into a top-notch campaign. But its efficiency decreases with each undelivered email.

According to experts at Byteplant, email validator can ensure the validity of the emails on your list, thus helping you have realistic expectations about the outcome of your campaign.

2. Maintaining a Good Reputation

Both your IP address and your domain name have a reputation. If you keep sending emails that bounce, your reputation worsens. Every time an unhappy recipient sends your email to his or her spam folder, your reputation worsens even more.

Eventually, you can get blacklisted for spamming. This could result in additional expenses, change of your email address, and many other unpleasant consequences.

Imagine having to change an email address the majority of your clients already know. It could throw your marketing campaign back considerably.

3. Improving Retention Rates

You probably know that any given business has about 60% to 70% chance of selling to an existing customer while the chances of selling to a potential one are between 5% and 20%.

Follow-up emails are highly valuable for your relationship with existing customers. They can help you lure clients back with promotions and appealing offers.

Failing to send a follow-up email often means losing the client. Are you ready to forget about a customer you’ve invested your time and money in?

You can lose the person due to such a seemingly minor problem as a typo.

4. Analyzing Your Campaign

A badly maintained email list steals highly important information from the marketing campaign analysts. You can’t have a clear picture of how well your marketing team is doing its job. Considering the amounts you are investing in the campaign, getting the wrong idea about the way it works is downright unfortunate.

In many cases, a poorly maintained email list becomes the cause of unnecessary changes in the campaign, which lead to worsened results and unnecessary expenses.

A simple piece of software, which cleans and validates your email list, can prevent a wide variety of unfortunate consequences.

5. Saving Time

The time you spend drafting a flawless marketing campaign is priceless. When you get the wrong information about the efficiency of your campaign, the time is lost.

A bad email list hygiene can result in wasted time and effort on behalf of your marketing team. The extra investments you would have to make into the campaign can be substantial.

Final Thoughts

The majority of your competitors is likely to be using email validators. If you fail to keep your email list clean, you don’t just jeopardize your reputation, lose clients, and waste money, you fall behind the competition.

Consider an email validator today to have peace of mind about your marketing campaign tomorrow.