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5 Ways Businesses Can Easily Be More Green

We all have the responsibility to help our environment whether that is reducing our plastic waste or deciding to use alternative energy suppliers. Everything that you can do, even if it’s just little, can have a major impact on the environment and it’s needed now more than ever – waste has increased by a huge amount and it’s only getting worse. That said, it doesn’t mean there’s nothing you can do. As a business, you can easily be greener and it won’t have affected your company in any way apart from being more beneficial for the planet. Here are 5 ways your business can easily be greener.

  1. Recycled Office Furniture

Start by buying recycled furniture rather than brand new. Not only is this cost-efficient, but it also means you are reducing waste. By buying second-hand furniture, you’re using something that would otherwise be thrown away. Like the idea, but not sure where to start? Companies like Coggin Group provide recycled furniture which is in a good condition and is sold at an affordable price, so not only are you already getting great pieces for half of the usual price, but you’re also reducing the amount of waste on our planet.

  1. Office Supplies

One of the best ways to be greener is by reducing any paper waste, but as any company would know, this is easier said than done simply because we still have to send out mail, despite the fact that we live in a digital society. If this is the case, you can make a start by using re-usable envelopes which means that the recipient can use the same envelope to reply if needed. This will, not only save money but reduces waste. You can also buy eco-friendly paper which has been recycled to reduce waste.

  1. Use A Green Energy Supplier

Start powering your office with renewable energy sources. This includes solar power, hydropower and wind power. This is becoming a lot more common these days and is one of the best ways to help the environment despite them being a little bit more pricey than standard energy suppliers. Also, start using LED lights – while these do cost a little bit more, they last a lot longer and use a lot less energy than standard bulbs.

  1. Cleaning

Even with cleaning supplies, you can be greener. If you happen to purchase your own, make sure you buy ones which are environmentally-friendly i.e. they are non-toxic, biodegradable products. If you have a cleaner who has their own products, ask if they use eco-friendly supplies and whether they can, if not. These are not expensive, it just means they don’t carry any toxic chemicals and harm the planet. Better yet, by using green supplies, it means you won’t have that intense chemical smell when cleaning.

  1. Recycle

The most important thing to remember is to always recycle. These days you can recycle almost anything whether that’s cardboard, paper, light bulbs or plastic. Make sure your office has two bins (one for recycling) so that there is an option and try encouraging your staff to recycle as well. By doing so, you’re drastically reducing the amount of wastage and contributing less to landfills.

By following these simple steps, you can not only reduce your costs in the long run, but you are making your business greener and therefore, helping save the planet. While it may seem difficult, at first, to incorporate all of these steps within your company, you can start by just doing a couple because anything will help. Better yet, it might make your business more attractive to clients and consumers!