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5 Easy Marketing Tools to Promote Your Online Business

Of course, every enterprise wants to put its services and products in front of its current and potential customers. Unfortunately, traditional ways of promoting businesses are costly, and not everyone can afford to buy TV adds immediately after unveiling a new venture. However, aspiring entrepreneurs shouldn’t worry anymore as there are several ways they can promote their investments without breaking the bank. While these marketing ideas are free, some require a business owner to invest a lot of time.

Leverage YouTube

Research has revealed that marketers upload over 4 billion on YouTube every day, and the numbers seem to be rising every day. As such, it makes sense for a marketer to upload a video or presentation about their product or service on YouTube. Interestingly, these videos will increase the visibility of a brand and ensure it appears on search engines. However, investors might need to determine the product or service to render before uploading videos on YouTube. A testimonial by a client works well for service while a two-minute demo can be excellent for a product. YouTube offers its users a myriad of tools to trim their video, add music or narration, and edit their uploaded videos. However, marketing agencies such as Sketch Corp might need to incorporate the name of their product or service or any related keyword to the description and title of the video. Once a marketer has uploaded several videos, they can create a channel and use it to showcase their product tutorials. With exciting and relevant content, a marketer is likely to hit the jackpot, and as a result, leads will flood their inbox.

Attend Expos and Networking Events

Networking events and expos are excellent places for marketers to meet new customers and extend their network. You can leverage search engines such as Google and Yahoo to find out the upcoming events in your city. Take advantage of these expos and conferences as most of them are free and attract consultants, resellers, and distributors as well as customers. Marketers will slowly realize that other professionals attend these occasions to meet other people, where some can convert to loyal customers. Alternatively, take advantage of sites such as, as this is where most startup owners and entrepreneurs frequently meet. It is wise to attend as many of these meetups as possible, as this is the place marketers will come across open-minded professionals that are open to partnership and new ideas. Marketers will be surprised to see the value that these events come with, so it’s crucial to attend them regularly.

Leverage the Power of Social Media

Businesses can gain a lot from harnessing the power of social networking platforms. Harnessing the power of social media is as simple as creating profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Social networking platforms not only help marketers attract more customers and get quality feedback about their services and products. For example, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts alone amounts to 20% of traffic that most enterprises generate. However, frequency of posts and tweets is critical to the success of social media marketing efforts. A company that tweets and posts frequently will gain popularity and attract loyal subscribers that might turn into customers later. You can also take advantage of these platforms to share news related to the industry and business updates. Experts recommend marketers to tweet at least 3 to 4 times a day and post twice a week on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Optimize Your Website

The first thing that today’s tech-savvy generation do when one wants to buy an item is to search it online. Of course, buyers want to gather as much information as possible about a service or product before searching for potential suppliers. Virtually, a company doesn’t exist if its website isn’t appearing on search results such as Yahoo and Google. However, hiring a professional to optimize a website for search results can help an enterprise fix this. However, the owner of a website still needs to familiarize themselves with the optimization process to avoid penalties from Google.

List Your Products on Local Business Listing

Search results are making search personal, and marketers can now get displays that are tailored to their location. That means Google map will display a MacDonald near you when you search online. As such, it has become almost mandatory for marketers to list their brands on the local business listing. Managing and adding a location on Google Map has never been easy than with local business listing. Marketers can use the same place to manage their Google Plus profile. Marketers with a physical shop have an option to give details about their venture and add the location of their offices.

Take Advantage of Business Directories

Business directories are the right place for buyers to find reliable vendors. Adding a free listing on platforms such as Yellow Pages can be a game-changer for an enterprise that deals with B2B products. In contrast, businesses that deal with their customers directly can list their products on platforms such as Ask Me, Just Dial and Get It. With these services, marketers will be amazed to see how mobile apps are useful in generating massive traffic. Services can as well be listed on these platforms for free. However, there are specific directories for vendors of software in categories such as ERP, CRM, and HR.

Offer Groupon Deals

Millions of users flood in the portals of sites that offer deals on Groupon. With a mouthwatering deal, marketers can be sure to attract millions of buyers at no cost. You need to sign up with a site that offers deals on Groupon and agree on a discount and commission percentage that the company will take. After determining the terms of the agreement, the company will promote your products and services on your behalf. Every successful brand out there offers discount to retain its customers and stay ahead of the curve. Enterprises running on a shoestring budget can leverage these tools to promote their products and services at a lower cost.