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How to Obtain debt consolidation loan when your credit score is bad?

When your debt flow is out of your control, you need to think of ways of how you can manage it. When people suffer from debt situation for more than their monthly income, they often opt for a debt consolidation loan plan. Through this plan, you will be able to pay your debt in a single payment. What you have to do is consolidate the debt amount together in one single payment source then apply for a loan at the lower interest rate and then pay it off. Now you will have to pay amount only for single debt rather than for multiple debts. Many people have found relief in this plan, and they have reduced their debt amount to zero in over the period of time.

Sometimes people due to the heavy load of debt, unable to pay the payment on time or might pay less than the intended amount. This missing payment got reflected in the history of credit score, and one miss might make the credit go bad. Once the person has a bad rating on its account, then they are unable to get a debt consolidation loan at a reasonable interest rate.

Many lenders are willing to offer debt consolidation loan to the people who have a history of bad credit. People should enquire for all details related to debt consolidation loan as if people start applying for loan quite often then their credit report might also get affected. Debt consolidation loan plans have helped a lot of people in need of money. This method helps in settling the unsecured debts quickly and cheaply. It is recommended for all who are in debt, before applying for consolidated debt loan try comparing all the debt relief solution and the one that you find best, go for that one.

Resolving debt matters in affordable consolidated payments

Debt consolidation plans to take out old debts, repay them and start a new one with lower interest charges. Mainly, the interest rate in consolidation loan plans is lesser than the other loan type. However, the lower rate of interest is for people with high and good credits whereas people with bad credit if apply for consolidation loan then they may get it at a higher rate. The percentage of the hike is 10% to 18%. It’s a common practice for many people where they make less payment for credit card and their credit card debt increases every month. With this scenario and the debt consolidation loan, sometimes it becomes unmanageable for people, and so, they start missing their payment. And hence, they affect their credit score to a great level. So, such persons get blacklisted and hence never be able to opt for borrowing.

It is advisable that before applying for the loan, one should prepare its budget. There are several ways by which can calculate the amount to be paid per month for loan and whether they will able to handle it. If the budget and consolidation loan plan do not play hand in hand, then start looking for other ways like debt management plan or consumer plan where through mutual settlement, an appropriate amount is to be paid to the creditor. For more information related to debt and debt consolidation loan matters, please visit website

High and Low ends of debt consolidation loan

So far, it is concluded that even bad credit applicant is eligible to get a loan but with considerations. The loan scenario works out through collateral security in the subject. The secured loan consolidation offers a lower interest rate, and it is in the line of equity loans like a home loan or car loan. The other unsecured loan consolidation offers the interest rate at a high level, and thus the total monthly payment may be high enough to be paid. The larger value of consolidation amount, the more challenge it will be to be paid. If a person with bad credit gets a loan amount total above two lakhs, then there is a risk involved whether he will be able to pay the amount successfully. 

Mapping the debt consolidation through debt management ways

You have gotten yourself bad credit score in over past few years so if you are thinking of debt consolidation plan then go through debt management plan and then go for a loan. Many non-profit agencies provide counseling over the matters of debt and how to handle them. The expert counselors try settling for you and your creditor and try proposing solutions where they can agree upon interest-free payment or with a reduced interest payment. This way might help you and you could able to afford paying your creditor the debt amount. Well, the negotiation will not eliminate the payment. You still require paying the amount. A time period may be settled under which the whole debt amount will go to paid entirely. This plan helps in getting relief from the interest rate.

There is always a risk in the management plan that it is not necessary that all the creditors might agree with the plan. They may not agree with the combined mutual solution. So, the ultimate solution will be to pay the creditors outside and in full. The debt management plan and debt consolidation loan plan only work together and effective when people have the consolidated loan of credit card bills, medical bills, etc. If you are dealing with some other kind of debt like income tax etc. then debt management plan might not be that helpful, and you may require some other's help. Otherwise, for bad credit fellas, this is the best way where they can settle a big portion of their debt without any other hassle. So, it works fine with secured debt consolidation and doesn’t work at all with unsecured debt consolidation form


A person should never stop looking for options and should go for the right approach for settling debt only when they are satisfied with the way, and there is no other consequence.